2019 Qb status for NFL teams - Phic's eye view...


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Okay, we are a quarter of the way through the season, we have move Bye weeks coming, time to look at how teams are set up at Qb.

AFC East :
New England - Tom Brady, with Jarrett Stidham(R) as back up - yes they also have Kessler but yuck. This is actually a risk. Brady got a new deal, but it basically is void after this season, so this may be a situation to watch post this season.
Buffalo Bills - Josh Allen is starter, with Matt Barkley as back up - Josh is getting better, he still has work to do but they seem set for now
New York Jets - Sam Darnold is the starter(once he gets passed the Mono....) and current back up is Luke Falk due to injury - Darnold seems to be okay for now.
Miami Dolphins - Josh Rosen is starter, with Fitzmagic as back up - lets face facts they are moving to get a high draft pick, potentially for one of the Qbs out next year. I would not be shocked to see either gone.

AFC North:
Cleveland - Baker Mayfield is set as starter Garrett Gilbert is back up - he needs to get better, but they seem set here.
Baltimore - Lamar Jackson is set(not bad for a Rb huh... ;) ), with RGIII and McSorely as back ups
Pittsburgh - Big ben is hurt, no further discussion of what injury was , with Mason Rudolph setting records for dink and dunk.
Cincinnati - Andy Dalton isn't that bad, but his O-line is giving him NO time. Ryan Finley is the back up and may see the field this year.

AFC South:
Houston - Deshaun Watson is set as starter, A. J. McCarron is back up - Watson has really shined, but he is getting killed by that O-line
Tennessee - Marcus Mariota is set as starter, but he is on last year of deal and has not shown progress, Ryan Tannehill is back up and he isn't any better IMO.
Indianapolis - Jacoby Brissett has been doing a pretty good job replacing Luck, and they picked up Hoyer as veteren back up. Just not sure team feels he is the future.
Jacksonville - Foles was paid to be starter but is hurt, and now we have Gardner Minshew(R) mania running wild. I wonder if Foles loses his job again due to injury.....

AFC West:
Kansas City - Patrick Mahomes is as good as last year, Matt Moore is back up with Henne on IR - nothing to see here folks..
Oakland - Carr is the man for now, Glennon is the back up. Not sure how much longer Chucky can take Carr
Los Angeles Chargers - Phillip Rivers is the man in LA C, with Tyrod Taylor as back up, but I believe Rivers is FA after this year...is it time for new blood?
Denver - Flacco is in charge, but he isn't what he was, even though he never was really all that. Rookie Drew Lock is on IR so they won't see if he is ready this year.

NFC East:
Dallas - Dak Prescott is the starter, but he is FA after this year....uh oh.Cooper Rush is the back up - they need to get deal done, they can't afford to tag him IMO.
Philadelphia - Carson Wentz looks pretty good, and got a new deal - with back up still iffy with Nate Sudfeld and Josh McCown on roster
New York Giants - Daniel Jones is in place and doing fairly well with lack of tools, interested to see how he does with Tate back. Eli is back up for now, but will be gone after season is over IMO.
Washington - Keenum is done, so it seems. McCoy will be next IMO. Haskins is the future, but he isn't ready to play. Best thing Wash. could do is get OLT Trent Williams back or trade for value.

NFC North:
Chicago - Trubisky seemed to be a lock, but he still has not matured well. If Chase Daniels makes the offense better, I would not be shocked to see Chicago move in a different direction at Qb.
Green Bay - Aaron Rogers is set in stone, but offense is struggling, back up is new in Tim Boyle.
Minnesota - Has Kirk Cousins worked out, not so far this year.and back up is no support with Sean Mannion there. But they are locked in that contract with Cousins
Detroit - Matthew Stafford is having quite the year, but he is still getting beat up, He has a longer term deal but not sure he will survive it. David Blough and Jeff Driskel are behind him...

NFC South:
New Orleans - Drew Brees is hurt, but will be back. This year. But his deal is up, and not sure they can afford to keep paying him top dollar. Bridgewater is a fine back up, but that is all he is, he is not the long term answer, I would much rather see what Taysom Hill could do.
Tampa Bay - Feels like Tennessee. Jameis Winston is hot and cold(currently hot) and on last year of deal. I could see Tampa moving on next year. Ryan Griffin is back up.
Carolina - Cam Newton is the starter...right? He has a bad foot, and a question mark at shoulder still. While I love what Kyle Allen(R) has done not sure he isn't just a really solid back up.
Atlanta - Matt Ryan is having a year, sort of. He has great yardage but lacks TDs. But they are locked on him with new deal he signed. Back up is , gulp, Matt Schaub

NFC West:
San Francisco - is Jimmy Garoppolo the answer, not sure. But they have solid depth with Mullens and Beathard
Seattle - Russell Wilson is set and locked and doing okay, back up is Geno Smith - don't get hurt Russell!!
Los Angeles Rams - Jared Goff is set as starter with a new deal. Blake Bortles is questionable depth.
Arizona - Kyler Murray is on stage and doing meh. Brett Hundley is the back up...Yikes.

So we are four games in and we have lost due to injury or illness:
Andrew Luck IND - retired
Ben Roethlisberger PIT - injured elbow - season over - contract situation - just signed.
Sam Darnold NYJ - Mononucleosis - out for weeks
Drew Brees N.O. - torn ligaments in right thumb - surgery has happened - will be back - but contract is up this year
Nick Foles Jax - Broken left collar bone - will return this year....but will he play?
Cam Newton CAR - coming off major shoulder issue, and now has lysfranc foot issue - contract status - 5 year deal signed in 2015
Josh Allen BUF - concussion, will miss some time presumably

Qbs removed due to poor play:
Ryan Fitzpatrick MIA
Eli Manning NYG
Case Keenum WAS

So we are looking at some critical team moves coming soon.

My prediction:
Miami, Tennessee and Tampa Bay draft Qbs in first round next year.
Chargers and Saints also might, if the player falls to them. Might put Patriots here as well.


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Chicago - Trubisky seemed to be a lock, but he still has not matured well. If Chase Daniels makes the offense better, I would not be shocked to see Chicago move in a different direction at Qb.

Next May I think is decision time on the 5th year option for Mitch. As of now, Chase is a good backup game manager with limited upside. He is serviceable for a few games. Mitch will have the job when he is ready no matter what - likely after he week 6 bye.

That said, he has disappointed. He is running out of excuses at this point. To think the Bears traded up from 3 to 2 for him and passed on Mahomes and Watson. Makes me sick. My optimism wanes with each passing day.


I'd put NE at def-con Yellow. I don't think they view Stidham as risky as you do. His regular season debut with a pick-six wasn't inspiring but he did well enough in pre-season to make Hoyer expendable.


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I'd put NE at def-con Yellow. I don't think they view Stidham as risky as you do. His regular season debut with a pick-six wasn't inspiring but he did well enough in pre-season to make Hoyer expendable.
Don't totally disagree here, to me it is orange due to will Brady finally clear up what he is doing. My fear is they play this year by year game, then he gets hurt, or blows out and you HAVE to start Stidham and not have time to really prepare him.


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Halfway through the season, and we have some major changes....
Miami Dolphins
- Went from Fitzpatrick to Rosen and now back to Fitzpatrick - we all know what ONE of those first round picks will be ...
Pittsburgh - Big Ben is silent, and Mason Rudolph has been up and down...do they take a Qb next year in draft?
Cincinnati - well this just blew up, Dalton is done and they move to rookie Finley. My guess is they will be at or near the top and have a shot at one of the big Qbs next year. So if Finley does not impress they will draft the future. Meanwhile Dalton will sit, and be trade bait for next year.
Tennessee - Mariota is benched and Tannehill is in, and doing okay. At this rate they will be mid first round, so not sure what plan is. May need to get Bridgewater or Dalton in FA?
Jacksonville - Foles on IR still, and Minshew has done okay. So will they go back to Foles?? Or is Foles getting punted again due to injury? Guy can't catch a break.
Oakland - winning some games, but keep hearing Carr is NOT the answer.
Denver - what a mess, Flacco now out 4-6 weeks, Rookie Drew Lock is still on IR, but can be pulled off soon, leaves Brandon Allen. You have to assume they start Lock in next few weeks to see what they have, as they will once again be on the high side of this draft
LA Chargers - Rivers isn't looking like Rivers this year, is it time for a change?

Washington - Keenum is a mess, new HC evidently not in love with McCoy, Alex Smith still isn't healthy, and that leave rookie Dwayne Haskins. He will get more chances as year goes on, but the team needs help.
Chicago - Trubisky has not matured, and this is looking bad. He will play year out, but Chicago may need to address this in draft - but with no first round pick.
Tampa Bay - All in on Winston right now, and he has been awful. My gut says they make a move next year, whether by draft or FA
Carolina - Cam supposedly healed in shoulder, but now it is foot. Is there a need for new blood? Or is Kyle Allen the answer? Lets see if Cam gets back this year to play.

Two other situations I have not mentioned here:
New England - Tom Brady is showing age this year, but I bet if he wants to play they will sign him again next year.
New Orleans - HC Peyton got a new contract, so Brees will also IMO as long as he wants to play, but he may need to give discount like Brady has. They will need to keep Bridgewater for depth if they can.

FA Qbs next year worth looking at:
Bridgewater - give him credit, he looked good, granted that was due to tools and HC
Foles - this is a guess, but I can't see Jags going back to Foles and paying him that much on bench
Dalton - He won't be back with Cincy next year, he has one year left on his deal so this may be trade rather than FA
Manning - Might make a great vet on the bench for some teams as a back up, but don't see him starting next year
Fitzpatrick - Miami may keep him to guide rookie they draft, but if not....vet bridge is his forte


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Chicago - Trubisky has not matured, and this is looking bad. He will play year out, but Chicago may need to address this in draft - but with no first round pick.

Yes, not looking good. He and Nagy himself have regressed from last year. Errant passes every game could be some injuries but also some fundamental foot work and technique. This is generally on both the QB and coaching. Then he makes 1 or 2 bad decisions each game as well. The good plays are still here but not often enough.

Definitely an uncertain future and may be shut down at some point with an "injury"


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Qbs now lost so far :
Jets - Darnold missed a few games due to Mono, but is back....well he is playing.....well he is on the team ;)
KC - Maholmes has missed two games, will he miss more?
Denver - Just put Flacco on IR
Steelers - lost Big Ben - elbow blown out
Bengals - Pulled Andy Dalton to make sure they don't win a game.... oh sorry to look at rookie Ryan Finley
Colts - lost Luck to retirement, and now Brissett is down and missed most of this game - no report on severity yet
Jags - lost Foles for a while, and now may get him back
Titans - benched Mariota, and put in Tannehill - and not alot of change

Giants - Benched Eli to go with Rookie
Redskins - A. Smith never returned from broken leg, nor has Colt McCoy, Keenum has concussions and going with rookie Haskins
Bears - Trubisky missed a couple of games due to shoulder - but is back.....oh yippee ;)
Saints - Lose Brees to thumb for a few games, but Bridgewater held water and they won all
Panthers - Cam is down, and per reports may be out rest of year with foot

I don't remember this many Qb changes in one year... it is killing fantasy rosters.....