2009 Re-Draft

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Fumble post this every year right after the Regular season is finished, over at FFT. He even posted over hear last year for input. In case he doesn't this season, I figured I would bring it over here for discussion. This is his current prediction for the first 3 rounds.
This is something I like to post on site every mid-December and then update it each week for a couple of months. The first edition assumes no team changes for the following players (which isn't realistic) and does not include potential rookies. This is just a glimpse of what a redraft (non-PPR) might look like for 2009 based upon what is known today. It is meant to generate some discussion, so feel free to disagree and/or offer up alternative choices. It will eventually include a fourth round, but we'll just go with three for today.

Round One:

1. Adrian Peterson
2. Michael Turner
3. Brian Westbrook
4. Matt Forte
5. DeAngelo Williams
6. Marshawn Lynch
7. Drew Brees
8. Steven Jackson
9. LaDainian Tomlinson
10. Andre Johnson
11. Maurice Jones-Drew
12. Clinton Portis

Round Two:

13. Chris Johnson
14. Larry Fitzgerald
15. Frank Gore
16. Tony Romo
17. Thomas Jones
18. Randy Moss
19. Steve Slaton
20. Brandon Marshall
21. Marion Barber III
22. Brandon Jacobs
23. Steve Smith
24. Tom Brady

Round Three:

25. Joseph Addai
26. Anquan Boldin
27. Peyton Manning
28. Roddy White
29. Ronnie Brown
30. Calvin Johnson
31. Ryan Grant
32. Jay Cutler
33. Reggie Wayne
34. Kurt Warner
35. Greg Jennings
36. Terrell Owens