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  • You never answered my question what do you do for a living? As far as my "fatcat" bosses that I never see I work for a company not the union the union ensures my health and welfare benefits and a decent wage and for that I pay dues Im never laid off and my family is taken care of. "Folks Lke me" ruining this country THINK AGAIN HAVE YOU SERVED THIS COUNTRY, I HAVE IF IT WASNT FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME PEOPLE LIKE YOU WOULDN'T EXIST. ENJOY YOUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH
    spatial economics? what is that? head gap? must be because u really don't have a clue between your ears. Detroit dies every 20 years. not because of the unions but because of lousy design. and poor management. go shoot a's what you are best at.
    Hey Bears fan, it is the truth. I studied spatial economics, I understand what the heck I am talking about. You union leach, parasite, fascist, cronies are murdering liberty, our economy, and our freedom. Stop listen to the propaganda lies from your fat cat, wealthy, elite union crony bosses. They rely on your ignorance to maintain their thief lifestyles.

    Thanks to folks like you, China is booming and companies not shackled by 1800's thinking union parasites, ala Toyota, are kicking America's butt. You folks ruined our steel industry and Detroit, it is time for an end to union fascism. It is time for universal right to work in America. If you want to join a workers association, it should be a choice.
    Your comment is the only uneducated ignorant thing I have ever read on this site. You should stick to things you are educated on so stay away from FF, politics and economic value
    Who is this? You say I referred you but I don't know who you are, LOL
    Welcome to the site!
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