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    2019 NFL Post Draft News

    Not a big deal, good article on PFT. They are haggling over 300K worth of guaranteed money in year 4 of the deal.
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    Michael Thomas dynasty value

    I'd still consider MT to be an elite FF Asset. However, it wouldn't hurt to shop him and see what you could get, because while he will still remain a top WR, his perceived value might drop.
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    2019 NFL draft live post and discussion thread

    Very happy with the Fins pick. Glad they didn’t go QB if they didn’t feel one of them were the one.
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    2019 NFL Off Season Signing Tracker

    I'm fine with it, it doesn't really matter as whoever the Fins signed is just a bridge QB, might as well be Fitzmagic!
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    NFL coaching carousel 2019 Edition

    Word Gase is also on the hot seat, along with the front office. I'm torn, as the Fins have had horrible luck healthwise the past two years. Also torn on Tannehill. I think he is better than most give him credit for, but also don't think he is elite.
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    NFL 2018 - week 15 in or out and other news

    Meh, silly for him to respond to a heckler. Curious what the heckler said to get Fournette to engage with him.
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    NFL 2018 - week 15 in or out and other news\ Hilarious.
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    Hunt in BIG trouble

    Chiefs just released him.
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    NFL 2018, Week 11: In or Out and other news

    33 years to the day, and both games ended 23-21.
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    Need to get Freeman Out

    If you can get either of those guys, I'd jump at the chance.
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    Week 2 news

    No, he pulled a hammy doing a "Promotional Event".. dumbass...
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    Week 1 news

    LOL, not for long...
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    Week 1 news

    You left out 2,704 yards!
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    Proper etiquette for fantasy football and beyond

    Just to clarify.. unless it's serious money.. if it is.. then just have a 11 team league.. with double headers. THere are also other options....