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    Trade deadline NFL rumors

    As a Fuller owner; I don’t want him going anywhere. The HOU connection is crushing
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    NFL 2020 - week 7 - In/Out and other news

    Seattle would literally be the worst spot for him from a fantasy impact perspective. He wouldn’t get the volume to be impactful, and would put a lid on Lockett/DK value.
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    NFL 2020 - week 4 - in/out and other news

    Ooof I have an 0-3 team with the most points in the league scored against me. I have Conner, Juju, Jonnu, Boswell, and the Pitt defense. 0-4 here I come.
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    NFL 2020- Week 2 In, out, injuries and other news

    This week 2 injury report is a major downer.
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    My favorite draft so far

    12 teamer. Full PPR. Picking from 1.03. Feel like I crushed it! Zeke Kittle Thielen Jonathon Taylor DK Landry Russ Brieda Preston Williams Chase Edmonds Mecole Hardman Stafford Irv Smith Jr Steelers D Benny Snell Chris Boswell I got exactly who I was hoping for in rounds 3-7. It was crazy how...
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    2020 news, rumors Camp thread - season to start in one month or so

    Who cares? I think the majority of NFL players have made their position known. Military and law enforcement aren’t exactly welcome guests there. Patriotism certainly isn’t comfortably at home there. Go where you’re appreciated.
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    Teddy B is gonna surprise

    Yes yes YES There’s a lot of boxes checked here. 1. The WR group is outstanding. Tons of speed 2. The best receiving RB in football 3. The biggest roster turnover on defense in the NFL. Shootout potential is high. 4. Every offense in that division is explosive. Going to need to score like...
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    Dynasty league brag

    Wow! Starting both of them every week. That’s really gross!
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    Dynasty league brag

    My team owes its makeup to years of aggressive trading rather than the start up draft. My league mates don’t properly value their future draft picks.
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    Dynasty league brag

    Goodness gracious! How will you pick which QB to start every week? What a great problem to have
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    Dynasty league brag

    Can’t help myself. I’m pretty proud of this team. Just completed this year’s rookie draft. Check this shit out! Kyler Murray Mitch Trubisky Aaron Jones Miles Sanders Leonard Fournette David Montgomery Jonathon Taylor Tevin Coleman DeAndre Hopkins Juju Smith Schuster Calvin Ridley Cooper Kupp...
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    2020 Opt-Out NFL Players

    Goodness gracious. A versatile 3 down skill set RB, on an Andy Reid offense, with elite speed at every position, Patrick Mahomes at QB, and a path to 250 touches. If I could put my emotions on this situation into one image, it would be a 6 foot hard on with a cheeseburger on top of it.
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    2020 Opt-Out NFL Players

    Don’t know why Funchess opted out. Dude can’t catch. A football or COVID. ZING
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    2020 post draft FA moves and roster moves - and other news and rumors

    The sheer nerve of anyone to question the sincerity of this man’s heart