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    2019 NFL Post Draft News

    They are sitting with about $11mil right now and $54mil for 2020 as per Over the Cap
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    2019 NFL Post Draft News

    I read somewhere that Rodgers only ran something like 30% of the called plays.
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    WOW, Rookie Drafts

    I have spent the last couple days looking through IDP league Rookie Drafts. Wanting to get an ADP feeling before planning our Hafax teams draft in 6 weeks. All I can say is WOW. While the ADP seems close to my rankings, the individual drafts are all over the park. I am not talking about being...
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    2019 NFL Off Season Signing Tracker

    $18.5mil over, but that includes the $20mil for Foles I believe. They would get $18.8 back by letting him go or trading him. Philadelphia Eagles Salary Cap | Over the Cap
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    2019 Qb situation in the NFL and who needs a Qb

    cutting or trading Foles would result in a $1.8mil cap hit and they are already almost $15mil over the cap which would save them $20mil cap space (give them about $5.5 cap space) I done or designated after June 1 they would get another $1.2mil in room. They have a projected $45mil in space for...
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    2019 Super Bowl- Who you got?

    Does that camera-man still work for the Pats ????
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    NFC Championship Game

    How about the facemask on Goff in the red zone that would have gave the Rams a 1st down before that. How come no-one is talking about that. Shit Happens. Get over it
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    NFC Championship Game

    Watchin on PVR. Just goin into 1/2 time now. Rams are wakin up. Gurley has not been lookin good other than TD
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    NFL Conference Championship Predictions

    Rams beat the Chiefs
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    2018 Wild card weekend player status and rumors

    I see somewhere that in spite of the hit they would have an extra mil in cap next year if they cut him. This article sort of says they would be better cutting him than trading The Steelers Options with Antonio Brown | Over the Cap
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    NFL 2018, Week 13: In or Out and other news

    Who you talkin about. Watson is playin