Which of these trades is fair?

Discussion in 'Outlaw NFL Fantasy Football' started by backtoprison, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. backtoprison

    backtoprison New Member

    Which of the following trades would you veto? Which trades do you think are fair?

    1. Austin Collie,Brandon Tate (post-Moss) for Brent Celek (pre-DeSean inury),Cardinals D/ST

    2. Eddie Royal,Jermichael Finley(post-injury as garbage) for Brandon Tate (post-Moss),Brett Favre

    3. Carson Palmer for Brett Favre (pre-Moss)

    4. Reggie Wayne (pre-Clark injury) for Aaron Rodgers

    5. Peyton Manning (pre-Clark injury) for Roddy White

    I'm hoping to gain some perspective from your input here. This is a 10-team, small-$ league.

    Std ESPN scoring plus: QB gets 6pt/TD pass, WR gets 1pt/5recepts, small bonus pts for >100yds/gm and >50yds/play.

  2. JackG1980

    JackG1980 New Member

    I am confused.
  3. backtoprison

    backtoprison New Member

    Each trade had been proposed at different times, hence the "pre" and "post" notes. Whether the trades happened or not, do you think there was merit in vetoing any of these trades? If not, which would you have allowed?
  4. JackG1980

    JackG1980 New Member

    Is this a trick question. Why was Finley offered in a trade after he is out for the season. Is this a dynasty league? I have to say #2 is the most unfair. If its a redraft it should be vetoed. The first one seems a little unfair.
  5. Miller

    Miller Who Dey Administrator

    first of all, you should not be legislating stupidity.....ONLY reason to veto a trade is collusion. If you can not prove collusion you should not be talking about a veto.

    So if you are trying to veto any of these trades you better be sure these is clear collusion.

    That said, here is my thoughts on each deal:
    1. WTF?? I'd want to know MUCH more on why they are trading Collie for trash. Tate and Cards mean little in this. Collie for Celek....hmmmm, but again, can't legislate stupid behavior.

    2. no issue, lot of speculation in there on both sides.

    3. Personal preference

    4. solid deal

    5. solid deal
  6. backtoprison

    backtoprison New Member

    Thanks for the input fellas - it's helpful. I'm not the commish of this league of co-workers but I wanted to get outside opinions about these trades. They were all vetoed, and there was no collusion going on - just comments like "I'm vetoing that b/c I don't want to play against Peyton". ESPN had a good article today - commandment #2 = thou shalt not veto, which I posted on our league message board. I think I've got enough ammo to initiate a culture-shift. It's a fun league with little $ and only braggin' rights and trash talking, but the vetoing was getting out of hand.
  7. Vicious_Machine

    Vicious_Machine New Member

    Sorry, I cannot believe I am saying this, but I completely disagree with you Miller! Nowadays, most websites that host FF, have an article on FF! A lot of them, have a button you can click that EVALUATES the trade for you. Miles Austin for a D basically?

    Trade #1 has something sinister going on! Remember, you almost can never prove "Collusion"; why would they come out and say "yes, we are colluding", this isnt Matlock. But you can use some common sense to spot it. Trade #1 has collusion written all over it. If I was in a league, and that went down, heads would roll !!!

    Trade #2, I would wonder why somebody is trading for Finley, who is out for the year! Again, just click on his name, and it will say. And even better, most websites have that little letter titles next to their name to tell you their status.

    Now if the teams that were involved in trade #1 starting pulling out any other trade, like trade #2, normally, the other trades look ok, but I would want some sort of justification for why the team that gave up Austin is doing another trade! And if it was the same two people involved in the first two trades, and now they were involved in any other! Well, thats just evil :xpissed:
  8. JackG1980

    JackG1980 New Member

    Its Austin Collie not Miles Austin.
  9. JackG1980

    JackG1980 New Member

    backtoprison, you have to find a different league with a commish with commen sense. I am a commish and I would overturn most of those vetoes. I stated at the beginning of the season, that vetoes should only happen if the trade is extremely unfair to where you suspect cheating.
  10. #1bears fan

    #1bears fan New Member

    Vetoing trades is usually a power trip or like you said they think someones team is too strong. I have some people who always talk about vetoing trades, we vote in my league but it never happens its mostly just trash talking. Trades to me sometimes look lobsided to outsiders but you have to look at the bigger picture. Multiple players for one player for instance. I just traded P Hillis, R Torain and S Smith CAR for R. Rice. Most people would think I was crazy and giving up too much but people in my league who actually know what they are doing tried to stop this from happening for me. Looking at my roster they knew that Torain and Smith were bye week fillers. This trade was all about me getting Rice for his excellent playoff matchup. Some people do need their hand held which is why we vote majority rules. If I ever suspected collusion The parties involved would not be playing next year!! If your commish is veto crazy just institute a vote, and anyone against the trade actually has to have a logical explanation, most people wont chime in if they have to give an explanation because if they are hung up on vetoing trades they dont know what Fantasy Football is all about anyway!
  11. #1bears fan

    #1bears fan New Member

    As far as the first trade above look at the other WRs he has. and who is his TE. Collie was a bit of a surprise so He probably has 2 other starting WRs and maybe his TE sucks and hes sick of plugging different guys every week. Celek is a solid TE and he could have got more but maybe thats all he needed. #2 is a little wierd but hey you said its small league of co workers probably not gurus the guy probably didnt even know Finley was out!!

    3-5 are straight forward. As far as unfair it doesnt matter no trade makes everybody happy everyone either feels like they hit paydirt or they are getting screwed when have you ever traded and said wow that was great it works out for everybody and that held true all season??
  12. Dallas Iowa

    Dallas Iowa Cowboy fan

    I am commish of a mid range money league and I have veto power. I don't like the league vote because people will vote no just because it makes a team or teams stronger. So last year early in the year a trade was offered: Orton and Thomas Jones for Romo and DeAngelo Williams. Early last year Romo and Williams were off to very slow starts. I think this happened around week 3 or 4. and Orton and T. Jones were hot. I approved the trade and some people thought it was a horrible trade. So I instituted a trade committee. Me and 2 other guys in the league who I believe have the integrity of FF in mind, and we consult on trades.
  13. JackG1980

    JackG1980 New Member

    Dallas, I trade committe is a good idea on bigger leagues.
  14. Miller

    Miller Who Dey Administrator

    You are free to your own opinion and can disagree with me, no issue there.

    However, I will say, I think you are looking at this completely wrong. 1, I will NEVER join a league that gives veto voting to the league. 2, if you have an experienced and strong commish, you can definitely make the determination if there is enough proof to support collusion. The commish should have that power and only then, if he veto's something should the league have the right to over turn.

    You site league sites and trade calcs as a way to gauge a fair trade or not....I think all of those tools are garbage! They don't take make up the league or team into consideration. They don't allow for speculation or common sense.

    Bottom line is you can not run other's teams for them. If they want to make a deal and it's just a case of stupidity, you have to let it go. Most owners who wish to veto any trade do so out of pure jealousy. They are upset they didn't get the chance to make the deal and feel they could have given more.....so they raise a fuss about it. Be proactive to try to work trades and don't hate on others who do.

    Again, hard to legislate against stupidity.

  15. JackG1980

    JackG1980 New Member

    I have to say I agree with Miller, Although I would join a league that votes for trade if the commish is good. The Commish does have the power to overturn a league vote.

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