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Discussion in 'DFS for football' started by ExperiencedRookie, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. ExperiencedRookie

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    Just did my first lineup of the week. I typically build from the bottom up. What I mean by that is shopping for the best value on the board and then filling in from there.

    First guy who jumped out at me was Rivers. Sitting at 7k on FD which is near the bottom of the solid QBs. I'm not sure what to expect from the Miami D, but I'll gladly take Rivers at home with all of his weapons healthy. I'd love to get Brees or Brady in there this week, but going with Rivers gets you an additional 2k spend elsewhere.

    If you're going to follow along with Rivers, then you gotta stack him with Keenan. That connection looked strong in week 1, even against that crazy tough Denver secondary on the road. Luckily, Keenan is still very affordable at $7100.

    The rest of the roster kind of just filled itself in from there.

    Devante Parker (another tremendous value at $6600. I'll get to this more in a bit)
    Randall Cobb
    Cincy D

    Parker and Cobb both remain grossly undervalued. I LOVE Parker this week. It's a road game, but there figures to be a stadium that is half empty. Chargers might have the smallest home field advantage of any team in the NFL.

    Cobb is still super cheap too. I really liked what I saw in week one. His routes looked sharp, and Rodgers reminded us of the amount of trust he has in him. GB V ATL should be one of those matchups that you'd be wise to get as many players into as possible.

    While this particular lineup doesn't reflect it, but the NO V NE game is another one of those matchups. The Saints D made Bradford look like Brady in week one. What will they make the real Brady look like? I think Gronk is going to pay off for his big price tag this week. After seeing the TEs in week 1, I'm happy to just stay the heck away from all of them and go with the best. That being said, I wouldn't mind a little gamble play on Fleener this week. If Amendola is healthy is healthy, I wouldn't mind getting him in there. However, Amendola feels kind of like the check down guy for Brady. When you play the Saints, you don't need to check down too often. You know what you do against the Saints? You feed their former teammate Cooks! I'll definitely be working him into a majority of my lineups this week. In fact, I doubt I do a single entry without either Gronk or Cooks in them.

    The NE D didn't look special at all in week 1 either, and we all know what Brees is capable of in the dome. It's Michael Thomas time. I also wouldn't be surprised to see Ingram or Kamara have a nice game. Kamara is only $4700, so if you've got the stomach for it, he can free up a ton of money for the rest of your lineup.

    Another cheap look at RB is Cohen. He's a bit more expensive, but he also feels like he'll have a more defined role for Chicago. Buck Allen deserves a look for a cheap RB as well.
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  3. jjtweeks

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  4. German CTL

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    I'd rather avoid Parker this week going against Verrett and Hayward on the road... not saying he won't ball, anything's possible, just seems too risky for cash IMO.

    Love Ty Montgomery this week on DK going against Atl and very nicely priced. I'll probably be rolling Fitz out too against Indy.
  5. ExperiencedRookie

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  6. jjtweeks

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    well maybe i'll change it then
  7. Miller

    Miller Who Dey Administrator

    Does a shut down corner matter with Brown?

    Cash....maybe stay away......but looks like a great tment play at lower ownership than normal.
  8. ExperiencedRookie

    ExperiencedRookie Well-Known Member

    You're right, it probably matters less with Brown than anyone else. My thing is why pay the premium dollar for Antonio when he has one of his tougher matchups of the season?
  9. ExperiencedRookie

    ExperiencedRookie Well-Known Member

    What are you liking this week Miller?
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  10. jjtweeks

    jjtweeks Moderator

    yea can i just put your lineup in :D
  11. Miller

    Miller Who Dey Administrator

    I'll share my main line ups when I build them...and my short list.

    I also play CFB on fanpicks and get those done first.
  12. ExperiencedRookie

    ExperiencedRookie Well-Known Member

    That's what I was thinking too. I'm not too proud to copy the shark's lineup.

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  13. Miller

    Miller Who Dey Administrator

    Lol...dont think I'd call myself a shark...
  14. Miller

    Miller Who Dey Administrator

    Narrowing down my QB list (where I usually start)

    Still considering

    Will also toss a wild dart at Cutler...just an odd guy feeling on him this week.

    Will try to narrow the top group down to 3.
  15. ExperiencedRookie

    ExperiencedRookie Well-Known Member

    Bradford dealing with a knee injury. Hasn't been practicing.

    Just something to keep in mind.
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  16. ExperiencedRookie

    ExperiencedRookie Well-Known Member

    When I look at a guy like Carr, I ask myself "how many fantasy points will he have by the 3rd quarter when it's 24-7?"

    At that point, he probably doesn't figure to add on much more.
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  17. mudloggerone

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    My thoughts as well ER.
  18. Miller

    Miller Who Dey Administrator

    But he could also just as easy go 250 and 4 or 5 in the first 1/2 And win u a tment.

    Remember with me...i play very little cash games. Some 10 - 100 man tment and the rest medium size tments.
  19. Miller

    Miller Who Dey Administrator

    Who is the b/u?

    A lot of talk on diggs and theilan....thay could damper is Bradford can't play
  20. mudloggerone

    mudloggerone Outlaw Administrator

    Reports say that they are not concerned about his ability to play this week but that he does have some sort of problem going on with the knee. Huh?

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