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Discussion in 'College Football' started by Bucknut, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. Bucknut

    Bucknut Well-Known Member

    I only watched a few games the past week.

    1. The top SEC teams look good. I hope we don't get another 2 SEC teams in the playoffs, but I can see it possibly happening. LSU & Auburn looked great against decent teams.

    2. Ohio State looks good, but the defense gave up way too many big plays. Maybe they can get those mistakes worked out - they better because if they don't TCU is going to go up & down the field and put up a ton of points in a couple weeks.

    3. Some top Big Ten teams disappointed. Michigan State barely beat Utah State. Penn State was lucky to get to OT with Appalation State.

    4. It hurts me to say this, because I hate them, but Notre Dame looked pretty good. Maybe it's because Michigan sucks, hard to tell for sure.

    5. I tried watching Chip Kelly's debut at UCLA but only got about 10 mins in and had to turn it off it was so boring. Looks nothing like Oregon used to.
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  2. Bucknut

    Bucknut Well-Known Member

    Forgot to mention about Washington - they looked impressive. I think they're one of those teams that gets much better as the season goes along - if this game were held in Nov instead of Sept it may have turned out different. I hope they win the PAC-12 and get a shot in the playoff.
  3. hikeNbike

    hikeNbike Well-Known Member

    Auburn and Washington put on a good game, and it was close to Auburn so they really had the home field advantage but Huskies needed to win that game for the PAC 12. They have been left out of the playoffs a lot and I expect they will be again of they dont have a one loss team. Meaning the Huskies probably need to run the table from here.

    Texas I know I've mentioned it before, but what a huge letdown. After getting hammered by Maryland last year, I thought they would have been ready, but they came out flat. Surged back but not enough. Herman only in his second year but he needs to win some games, especially if Jimbo Fisher does well at A&M or I can see the Longhorn boosters losing patience.

    Penn State almost losing to Appalachian State. A shocker. They need to get it together or they may be in for a rough year.

    Was impressed with LSU, really thought Miami would take it to them, but they had their way with the Hurricanes. Maybe a home game at night to start the season was an aberration. Still think that Coach O is on the hot seat, but a good start.

    Debacle from Michigan. Harbaugh probably getting his resume ready. I see him trying to get back to the Pros.

    Bama looks even more unstoppable then usual. If they have a good quarterback, they are going to be almost impossible to stop.

    I know its early but feels like Clemson vs. Bama 4 this year. With not much in the way. Bama should be ready for Auburn after last year.

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  4. Bucknut

    Bucknut Well-Known Member

    I can't see Harbaugh leaving Michigan, he really loves that school. I can't see Michigan canning him, unless things get real ugly - and even then to get to that point would take a few more years of hopelessness.
  5. hikeNbike

    hikeNbike Well-Known Member

    I hear what you're saying and I was thinking the same prior to yesterday's game, but they looked ordinary. They have lost 4 games in a row dating back to last year and he is 1-5 vs. Ohio State and Michigan State. If that goes to 1-7 at the end of this year at the very least he will be on the hot seat next year. If a pro job pops up end of this year I'd be tempted if I was him to jump. Not too many coaches get on the hot seat and come through it. Maybe they hold it off a couple of years like Miles or Mack Brown, but ultimately they get let go.

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  6. Phicinfan

    Phicinfan Expert on nothing, opinionated on everything Administrator

    gonna disagree here, if they continue to look this bad and lose to Ohio State again, he is a goner this year.
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  7. Bucknut

    Bucknut Well-Known Member

    I guess I can see Harbaugh taking an NFL offer if he feels pressure for losing at Michigan. I just don't see Michigan firing him though for a repeat of last year.

    Harbaugh is their 3rd coach since the Lloyd Carr era - and really Lloyd was pushed out for losing too. Hoke was a mistake from the start. Dick Rod was a winner before Michigan, so was Harbaugh. So what's the issue - they are bringing in proven coaches, then they forget how to coach? If Harbaugh can't win there, who can? What other proven winning coach would be willing to go there? Michigan has the best possible coach they can realistically get, and they know it.
  8. Phicinfan

    Phicinfan Expert on nothing, opinionated on everything Administrator

    Well for one he is NOT a proven winner, not anymore.
    Two, he moved the team to HIS style of playing, looking at different types of athletes than they looked at before - not saying this is bad, just calling out the differences.
    He has only had coaching success in the Pack then 10 now 12 or 14 or whatever, maybe less competition?

    But please Bucknut, you understand how the Big 10 er 12 er 14 er whatever works. YOU have to win against Ohio State if you are Michigan, you also have to consistently beat Michigan State - which he has not.
  9. chrisslabaugh

    chrisslabaugh :dunno:

  10. mudloggerone

    mudloggerone Outlaw Administrator

    I know the Sarge would be thrilled to see this much discussion on the college board. Khan tell him to look out for the Aggies!:)
  11. Bucknut

    Bucknut Well-Known Member

    He turned around San Diego, Stanford, and did pretty good in the NFL.

    Cooper lasted 13-14 years with only 1 win vs Michigan. Granted, he was winning a lot other games, until the end.

    Hopefully Ohio State will win the game again this year and we'll find out what happens to Harbaugh.
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