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Discussion in 'Fantasy Advice' started by gizzil, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. gizzil

    gizzil Well-Known Member

    In a full point ppr, I have

    RB Reggie Bush v GB
    RB Lamar Miller v KC
    W/R/T Knile Davis @ MIA
    BN Montee Ball @ SEA
    BN Khiry Robinson v MIN

    The more I read and hear and think on it, it is kinda crazy to just sit ball, he was picked a bit too early sure but 2 weeks are not season. However especially full point ppr these other dudes look prime

    I start 2 RB and have a flex, where I could play WR or TE as well, starting 3 WR and 1 TE
    Starting I have/had

    WR Julio Jones (48 points)
    WR Garcon @PHI
    WR Michael Floyd v SF

    on bench for possible floyd bench or flex would be

    Terrance Williams @ STL (romo forsaked him last week)
    Mohamed Sanu v TEN (Green playing)

    What do you think? keep as is? Get ball in?
  2. MongerKhan

    MongerKhan TXL: Pimp Hand Strong Staff Member Moderator

    Miller out.

    Ball in.

    But what do I know..

    I think Ball's (lol) going to catch a lot of checkdown passes this week.
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  3. cctekguy

    cctekguy Staff Member

    I don't like Bush this week, so yeah, Ball for Bush.

    Not crazy about Miller either but too soon to know what Khiry is gonna do.
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  4. jjtweeks

    jjtweeks Moderator

    I like williams over floyd this week
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  5. cctekguy

    cctekguy Staff Member

    Imagine that...Bush with 20pts.

    Sorry :(
  6. gizzil

    gizzil Well-Known Member

    I wasnt benching bush no matter what anybody said :)
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  7. gizzil

    gizzil Well-Known Member

    It was really a question (for me) of ball/davis/miller/williams/floyd/sanu... And I still need ball in another league so trying to have faith here... cant believe sanu threw a td...
  8. mudloggerone

    mudloggerone Outlaw Administrator

    I wonder if Denver misses Know Show yet?
  9. gizzil

    gizzil Well-Known Member

    I dont think you can blame ball for today's numbers... Seattle is gang rushing him every time and there have been numerous miscues and sputtery dumbass plays by denver
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  10. gizzil

    gizzil Well-Known Member

    holding out hope for an ot TD
  11. gizzil

    gizzil Well-Known Member

    Well this team scored 276 points... that's more like it! And quite frankly should have been more if Carolina didnt put up a 0. I was projected to be undefeated then started 0-2. Thanks for everybody's input even though I didn't change a thing it helps to know what others are thinking and how it stacks up to my own process!
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  12. ExperiencedRookie

    ExperiencedRookie Well-Known Member

    Then there's the fact that Seattles run D is prob going to dominate every game at home. I'll be surprised if they allow a 100 yd rusher
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