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Discussion in 'Fantasy Advice' started by MNBassin, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. MNBassin

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    I'm new here and going to assume that the forum is mostly dead due to the off-season, but as preseason starts and everyone starts thinkin fantasy, I decided to pull the trigger and post. Do y'all have any particular strategy as you walk into the first few rounds of a draft, say RB RB or RB WR or draft solely on talent? I'm pick 6 of 10 in a nonPPR league, where I'm sure I could pick up a stud RB first round and end up having to choose between say an RB like D Freeman or a WR like K Allen. I suppose it just depends on which position has a faster drop off in tiers. For you, what seems to have worked the best?
  2. mudloggerone

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    Picking 6th in a non-ppr league I'd expect the big 4 RB's to be gone or at best down to one but you should also have a choice between Brown and or Hopkins which is still in the top tier of fantasy players IMO. Ideally I'd like to grab a stud RB with 1:06 and then either a RB or WR with my second pick whichever has my highest ranked player available. In a 10 team league everyone should be pretty much loaded and the place to make hay is those first 2-3 picks. You can't afford to miss because as I said everyone should be pretty loaded. How many roster positions on each team? Start 1 QB? 2 or 3 WR's? Is a TE mandatory?

    The activity level here right now is behind the scenes as the draft for the IBL league is taking place. Hopefully it'll pick up in a couple of weeks. Nice to have you join us.
  3. Phicinfan

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    Basically agree with Mud. In a non-ppr league Rbs get elevated quickly, especially the big hounds the Elliot, Bell, Gurney, Fournette and such.

    At 6 you should probably be able to nab Freeman(bit of a reach), Hunt, Gordon or such.

    As Mud points out, if the top Rbs are gone the big TD and yard receivers like Brown and Hopkins should be there.

    Generally speaking I won't touch a Qb any where before round 5, as the depth is too much there, and the talent is pretty equal.

    Welcome to the site!
  4. MNBassin

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    1 Qb, 2 RB, 2WR, 1 flex, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D.
    I've been mocking RB heavy and have been pleasantly comfortable with taking Baldwin, along with sleepers like Goodwin, Hurns, Cobb, M Lee. For me, I find RBs way more reliable and worthy of stacking, while collecting several boom or bust WRs down the road. I suppose a strong RB combo creates a great floor and as long as one WR booms that week, it'll carry me to the ship like last year.
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  5. MNBassin

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    And one more Q that I'll just ask here. Everyone in my league is on the DJ is a bust train, and he might fall to me at 6. Would you prefer him over Barkley? I know he's incredible but I'm very concerned that he's all the Cards have and will be boxed in. And the Cards oline sux
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  6. Phicinfan

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    I guess it comes down to how much you trust the OLs.

    DJ has proven he can carry a fantasy team. But he needs help with holes. Barkley is a question mark, and unproven, but the team worked to improve the O-line.

    To me the key is this, Bradford is to start for Arizona, assuming he can stay healthy(only done it once....) I would lean DJ, but if they move to the rookie Qb, that means they will focus soley on DJ and elevates Barkley for me.

    You have to decide which risk is worse.
  7. mudloggerone

    mudloggerone Outlaw Administrator

    I have the same concern with DJ as you but whether I'm ready to by-pass him with Barkley is a tough call. Luckily I have a couple more weeks to make such a decision on my end.
  8. KillerFins

    KillerFins Staff Member

    I'm a DJ truther, he's a special talent. I also don't think Arizona is the train wreck everyone is saying. While the top FF backs are ones on great offenses, he is the outlier. His goal this year is to get 1,000 yards both rushing and receiving.

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