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  1. JScott

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    Chargers are getting completely screwed on this 4th Qtr drive by KCC. Four holding penalties, with 3 resulting in automatica first downs. At least two of them were unbelievable to me. Evan Aikman commented that he didn't see anything. And they bailed out KCC on 3rd and long. One call I can see, but multiples of the same ticky-tack nature. BS
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  2. gizzil

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    Aaaaand then the refs gifted the Chargers the game
  3. JScott

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    There were gifts on both sides. But yeah, pretty obvious push-off by William's on the last TD catch. Easy to see he fully extended his arm.
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  4. efactor

    efactor Coming at you

    Mahomes still making great plays, but no longer playing pitch and catch with a clean pocket.

    I think they really miss Watkins. Didn't have great stats but he had to be accounted for
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  5. gizzil

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    That was 4th down and pretty clearly not catchable in bounds also right?

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