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Discussion in 'Outlaw NFL Fantasy Football' started by chrisslabaugh, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. chrisslabaugh

    chrisslabaugh :dunno:

    One week away from real games in both the NFL and fantasy means that its time to start submitting those lineups. If you have a question about who to start, waiver wire pickups or trade advice you've come to the right place. The only thing I ask is please post your leagues scoring system along with your question so I can give you the best advice possible.

    Good Luck!

  2. Arctic Dawgs

    Arctic Dawgs Well-Known Member

    Always enjoyed reading through these
  3. #1bears fan

    #1bears fan New Member

    Ready for another year Chris!! Standard scoring .05 PPR 10 yrds =1pt 6 for TD.
    QB Schaub vs IND
    WR G Jennings @ PHI
    WR S Smith CAR @ NYG
    RB A Foster @ IND better start than greene or Turner based on matchup i figure
    RB R Grant vs PHI
    TE D Clark @ HOU
    WR/RB/TE Turner @ Pit. or Greene vs Balt. here is my predicament I am leaning towards Turner just because the Jets Offense looked miserable in Preseason.
    K R Gould vs. DET
    DEF CHICAGO vs. DET or should I snag MIA off WW they play BUFFALO or AZ vs. STL

    BENCH is in signature I plan on dropping L. Washington but dont know who to snag should I grab Big Ben off waivers?? Thanks in advance for your input See you in the forums!! OH How does my team look this year to ya??
  4. chrisslabaugh

    chrisslabaugh :dunno:

    I don't think that Week 1 is the time to sit your studs. The Jets O-line is arguably the best in the league and its too early to guage how good defenses are going to be just by preseason. Go with Turner and Greene and sit Foster for just this week.

    I think Miami is a great play off the ww against Buffalo moreso then the Bears against Detroit.

    Washington is the worst player on your team which is saying a lot so he's the guy to drop for Ben. You have great RB depth
  5. #1bears fan

    #1bears fan New Member

    Thanks again Chris Its going to be tough but I think your right! Im going to start a poll in the FF advice greene vs. Foster! I picked up Miami and dropped Chicago
  6. German CTL

    German CTL Circle City Outlaw

    Wanted to get your thoughts on Big Ben this do you think he'll do when he comes off suspension?

    Will he outperform the likes of Eli Manning and Jay Cutler?
  7. chrisslabaugh

    chrisslabaugh :dunno:

    I love Big Ben this year. He was getting drafted around the top 6 or 7 Qb's last year and is probably the best value of any player in fantasy drafts this year.

    I think he's a top 10 QB for the games that he plays in.
  8. brtdud7

    brtdud7 New Member

    PPR with a bunch of other scoring (.4 points per completion, .2 points per rush, etc) rush/rec/ret. TDs=6 points, passing TDs = 5.

    1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 W/R/T flex.

    My current week 1 roster:



    Knowshon Moreno



    Defense: Cowboys

    James Jones

    i have another thread about trades, but i wonder if there's a better guy to start at flex than what i have, or if i need to trade 2 WRs for a RB
  9. chrisslabaugh

    chrisslabaugh :dunno:

    You have your lineup right and I would sit tight with your team and not rush to make any trades yet. My view is that when you appear to have a pretty good team (which it appears you have) you should sit tight for at least 3 weeks (unless you get a major injury) to see exactly what you have and who is expendable, who is a trade high guy, or who is underperforming.
  10. Escrow

    Escrow Well-Known Member

  11. realmwalker

    realmwalker New Member

    Welcome Back...lets do this...

    My full Lineup is in my Sig.
    Format: NON-PPR, 6 points all TD, (1 qb, 2 rb, 3wr, 1 te, 1k, 1 def)
    BOLD is current setup for week 1

    Problem #1: RB (need 2)
    MJD (no brainer)
    J. Charles(vs.SD)

    CJ Spiller (vs. MIA)

    Problem #2: WR (need 3)

    DeSean Jax
    D. Aromashodu (vs. Det)
    M. Williams -TB (vs.Cle)

    M. Massoqoui (vs TB)
    G. Tate (vs. SF)
    Vincent Jax (SUSPENDED)

    Problem #3: D/ST


    Should I use my AZ def againts Rams or drop them and take the Dolphins vs. Buffalo of the Wire (I saw you liked them earlier in thread)?

    Lastly a Backup RB my 14 team league the WW is THIN!!!

    A. Dixon or K. Huggins or B. Westbrook

    Thanks and good luck this year.
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  12. chrisslabaugh

    chrisslabaugh :dunno:

  13. chrisslabaugh

    chrisslabaugh :dunno:

    I would wait on starting Spiller over Charles just yet and think you're right on with your backs right now. Buffalo has no passing attack and will find running the ball tough against Miami.

    No changes to be made with your receivers

    I think any defense playing the Bills will probably finish the week in the top 10 for defenses and I would play them if you can grab them.

    Huggins looks to be the best bet to get carries out of the 3 listed so he's the guy to grab.

    Good luck
  14. brtdud7

    brtdud7 New Member

    thanks for the advice. i asked some other people before and they said i should look into trading a few WRs for a RB, which I thought about doing too. I guess I'll hold tight unless I get a good offer.
  15. Fire

    Fire in the hole

    Very glad to see Mr. Slabaugh and this feature back for 2010.

    You always offer me the right advice when I start to over analyze a tough decision. Thank you very much for taking a lot of your time in helping myself and others with our difficult choices.
  16. mudloggerone

    mudloggerone Outlaw Administrator

    Our money league Chris. I'm weak @ RB and Hardesty goes down for the season. More lost bench strength and that's a stretch. Strong as you get at WR. I'm thinking of picking up BMW insted of James Davis or the highest rated RB available in our league ( who intrigues me). Which would you do and how much stock do you put into the tempting target in Seattle?
  17. chrisslabaugh

    chrisslabaugh :dunno:

    Housh is all but out the door in Seattle so BMW has become a very viable FA pickup with his preseason peformance. You are right that your team needs a runningback with Foster, Caddy, M. Bush and Brandon Jacobs as your entire group. Wayne, Austin, and Megatron, and Aromashodu is about as strong as they come. At the end of the day I think that Mike Williams has a better shot of making your lineup as a bye week fill in then any of the free agent RB's that are available in our league. Pick up Big Mike.
  18. mudloggerone

    mudloggerone Outlaw Administrator

    Done deal if Ralph don't grab him ahead of me at 1 am my time. Thanks!
  19. RZR

    RZR Sun-kissed & restless

    I love when the Lineup Doctor comes to town! This becomes one of my favorite threads of the entire season.
  20. BevoBlitz

    BevoBlitz New Member

    Any help is appreciated. 1QB 2RB 2WR 1Flex 1TE 1DEF - Standard scoring Non-PPR, 4pts Pass/TD, 6pts/TD otherwise, 1pt/25yds pass, 1pt/10yds otherwise. Here is my team scheduled starters in bold.

    Flacco @ jets
    Favre @ NO

    R. Rice
    F. Gore
    J. Charles
    J. Best
    J. Forsett

    G. Jennings
    D. Jackson
    D. Bowe
    R. Meachem
    J. Jones
    D. Bess

    J. Charles



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