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Discussion in 'Outlaw NFL Fantasy Football' started by mudloggerone, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. mudloggerone

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    I posted this elsewhere but wanted to bring it over to the main forum for you guys to take shots at or not.

    I get tickled at owners at the end of the season that tell me "I would have won this damn league if my players had not of got hurt." You look at his lineup and he's got Sammy (known on Syrus Fantasy Sports as the) "Big Limp", Reed, Ebron, etc. When you draft players that are consistently hurt you deserve to lose. I know folks always want to dream that this is the year their patient finally holds it together but when talking about the guys mentioned in the post it ain't going to happen. Taking later round flyers on these type of players isn't such a bad thing but drafting them as your starters is bad fantasy football. It's the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result.
  2. Phicinfan

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    fully agree. You will always have that one or two owners who state you can't plan for injuries, and my response has always been, true. But if a certain player gets hurt every year, it isn't chance, something isn't right. So I avoid those players.

    Won't touch Reed - unless his value drops, and Ebron and a few others fit that mold
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  3. efactor

    efactor Coming at you

    You have to look at the type of injury as well. Is it the same recurring injury? If so, beware. Sammy Watkins with his foot is one I can't justify a 3rd round pick on. Reed has multiple issues, but turf toe is a DND item for me, so staying away (just got offered Tate straight up for him in a keeper and couldn't hit the accept button fast enough). Gronk with his back is a concern even though he has such a huge upside, I would consider at the right price in the early to mid 3rd.

    A guy like Keenan Allen is a little different for me. Ruptured spleen and then an ACL. Kind of bad luck. Reminds me of Frank Gore. He missed 2-5 games a year over a 3 year span and I used to argue that he wasn't really injury prone, just bad luck. Leg injury, shoulder injury, hip injury. Never the same place. Because of his ACL injuries in college, he was perceived as injury prone. Now, he has played 16 games for 6 years straight. Willing to take a chance on the upside of Allen much more than Watkins because Watkins seems a chronic issue more than a streak of bad luck.

    I generally will not gamble much in the first 2 rounds on guys with an injury history, but will take a chance on someone who I perceive to be great value after that. Allen is my guy this year if he continues to go towards the back end of round 3. But not gonna load up my team with a bunch of risk for sure.........
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  4. German CTL

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    ^^^ I absolutely agree with this... But I find myself willing to gamble on Watkins this year. The risk is worth the reward to me, especially considering some of the other options that are going in that range.
  5. KillerFins

    KillerFins Staff Member

    Watkins foot injury is similar to Julios, Edleman's, Parker's, Bryant's... it isn't uncommon that it takes more than one surgery to fix the problem. I don't mind gambling on him with a mid to late 3rd, he has the upside to be a low WR1.

    Not a fan of Reed. I'll gamble on Ebron late if I lose out on my other preferred late round TEs.

    Allen is one I don't like at his ADP, a bit rich for my tastes, would rather gamble on Watkins.
  6. German CTL

    German CTL Circle City Outlaw

    Not liking Watkins as much after the trade...
  7. efactor

    efactor Coming at you

    Me either. Early FF projections don't as well. From 3rd to 4th or early 5th is the consensus on the Sirius fantasy radio show
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  8. ExperiencedRookie

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    Britt was surprisingly good in that offense last year.

    Sammy > Britt
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  9. mudloggerone

    mudloggerone Outlaw Administrator

    It was nice to see Brit Finally do something last year. A couple of years to late to help my team though.
  10. efactor

    efactor Coming at you

    Jay Ajayi still in concussion protocol after 2 weeks.

    Damian Williams looks like the direct back up. Anything to see here?
  11. KillerFins

    KillerFins Staff Member

    Drake would be the guy IMO if Ajayi was going to miss time.

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