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    Ben Watson calls out Roger Goodell on Twitter - for lack of any NFL point of view on the non-call for Saints
    Greg Zuerlein K Rams is in a boot - team says it didn't effect him in NFC Championship and it is only precautionary
    Rb C.J. Anderson - out with illness for now
    Raiders - say Derek Carr is the LEAST of their issues - I gotta agree
    Cardinals sign Wr Fitzgerald to a one year deal
    Ravens make it official - 4 year extension for John Harbaugh - good til 2022
    Chiefs officially sign Spagnuolo as DC
    Cam Newton has surgery on Shoulder - 2nd one in 3 years - I would be worried if I was an owner of him
    Ray Horton has joined the Washington Redskins staff on defense - Defensive backs coach
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    News update - 1/28/19
    - I know this will catch you totally by surprise - but Tom Brady has said this superbowl will NOT be his last game - wants to play until he is 45.
    - Redskins - have stated they would be very surprised if A. Smith is back next year to play - he will still be rehabbing the broken bones....
    - DE Chris Long is looking at retiring - he is at least thinking on it per an interview in Philly
    - K Greg Zuerlein is planning on playing in Superbowl
    - Per a report from ESPN reporter Jeremy Fowler - Pittsburgh is as much to blame on the A. Brown issues as Brown - they let him play by his own rules and get away with it - for ex. he lived off campus in a rental house during camp while rest of team(all of it) were in dorms. Brown also chronically late for meetings and not really fined for it. - I do think he is moved this year.
    - Bears extend OT Bobbie Massie to a four year extension
    - Rumors flying Packers will cut TE Jimmy Graham - get cap help by cutting him, but he would leave some hefty dead space
    - Bears sign K - Redford Jones - he won the kicking competition with Blair Walsh, Nick Folk and a few others - will compete against Parkey this off-season
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    I wanted to do a lot of things until I was 45 too. Good luck Brady
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    Re. massie. #s aren't available yet, but said to be 8M+ for 4 years. Not a lot of good linemen available so fills a big need but eats a good chunk of available cap space.

    Re. parkey - I expect the Bears to cut him after June 1 as there will be less of a dead cap hit. Redford Jones is probably not the only kicker to try out this off season. I expect a competition beyond just he and Parkey. I would be shocked if parkey is on the roster on June 15
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    Slow news day - 1/29/19
    - Josh Gordon is still in a treatment facility - some feel he won't play again due to issues - and suspension
    - Per multiple reports Denver GM John Elway really likes Qb Drew Lock of Missouri.
    - Per PFT and other sources - Pittsburgh has NOT given A. Brown or his agent permission to talk trades - but team is still expected to listen to offers
    - By some reports - Philly will release Nick Foles - as they don't have cap space to activate is option clause or tag him - best bet for him and Eagles will get a 3rd round draft pick in 2020 as compensation.
    - Miami as Cincinnati has - is starting to hire coaches for their team for next year - assumptions are Cincy gets Zach Taylor Qb coach of Rams - Miami gets Brian Flores DC of N.E.
    - Jets say they are not interested in signing Kareem Hunt - he is an FA, and there are reports out there a team will sign him - and NFL should stated penalty soon.
    - different rumors have Eagles walking away from Jay Ajayi(FA) and Josh Adams at Rb. Some have them interested in K. Hunt. - another report stated that Sproles is still unsure he will return, and Corey Clement may not be ready for season opening due to knee injury
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    New update 1/31/2019
    - N.O. Wr Michael Thomas is looking to get an extension on his rookie deal around OBJ numbers - not sure how cap strapped N.O. does this.
    - Miami is supposedly listening to offers for Cb Xavien Howard - he is an FA soon - last year of his contract
    - Wr DeSean Jackson supposedly would like to play for the Rams - not sure they need him
    - Roger Goodell stated in his press conference that Kareem Hunt's investigation is almost completed - rumors had been stating suspension would be finalized prior to FA - looking at 6 or more games supposedly
    - Cb Patrick Peterson ARI - has rescinded his trade request from last year, and has apologized for it - now wants to stay in Ari.
    - Rb Melvin Gordon LAC - has stated he wants to wait and see what LeVeon Bell gets before he talks extension with LAC - probably a good idea
    - Qb Cam Newton Car - supposedly is feeling pretty good after another shoulder surgery - are we looking at Luck v2?
    - Dallas still seems to be in flux - they have hired Jon Kitna and Kellen Moore is supposedly getting promoted to OC - but rumors still fly that Dallas wants to poach S.Payton from N.O. Jerry Jones stated current HC Jason Garrett is safe, but no one believes him....
    - N.E. is starting to work on extension for Brady - his current deal expires after this season(2019)
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    - so far no ground hog shadow - but haven't looked at news yet :D
    - Julius Peppers DE Car - has officially retired
    - Hines Ward is the 3rd Wr to shove Big Ben under the bus - calling him not the best leader....
    - HC Ron Rivera is extremely releaved after hearing about the procedure done on Cam - sounds like it addressed the issue
    - NFLPA is getting ready for a 2021 work stoppage - that is when the current CBA runs out - this could get messy
    - big surprise - Jerry Jones will not extend Jason Garrett's contract ......
    - Washington team president Bruce Allen is denying stories that state team is not expecting Alex Smith back this year ....
    - Cowboys finally list Kellen Moore as OC
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    Nice write up about a true NFL great.

    Julius Peppers announced his retirement after 17 seasons.

    Peppers, 39, was selected with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2002 draft and won Defensive Rookie of the Year honors after recording 12 sacks in just 12 games. Peppers spent the first eight years of his career with the Panthers before striking a mammoth free-agent deal with the Bears and spending four years there before a three-year stint with the Packers. Peppers returned to Carolina in 2017 with 11 sacks as a 37-year-old. Peppers' 159.5 career sacks rank fourth all time behind Bruce Smith, Reggie White, and Kevin Greene. He also picked off 11 passes. Peppers was a nine-time Pro Bowler and three-time first-team All-Pro and missed only six games in his career. He made just as big of an impact off the field. Peppers is a first-ballot Hall of Famer.
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    The Miami Herald reports the Dolphins are expected to release Ryan Tannehill.
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    just joking, time to move on, this is just not a great draft to do that with

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