Something stinks in Tampa Bay

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    I am not the most intelligent guy, I get that.


    If you set a policy that states spousal abuse and sexual harrassment if proven is grounds for a minimum 6 game suspension........then why did they negotiate with Jameis Winston....and agree to three?

    Per their report they found evidence he inappropriately touched the female Uber driver in a sexual manner without permission. So if this is true.....why only 3 games?

    Why did the league negotiate? This seems pretty clear cut. Why is the league being mum on this?

    Add to that, they basically said another incident of this nature and they reserve the right to permanently ban him from the NFL.

    So what am I missing?
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  2. KillerFins

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    They didn't want another black eye, so they cut a deal.
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    your missing that he was a number 1 pick and has potential to make the NFL money long term. Don't act like the NFL has morals or standards :rolleyes:
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