Sarges Hot Takes Week 1-2

Discussion in 'College Football' started by Rotarran9116, Sep 12, 2017.

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    Who is going to beat Alabama? For all the talk out there of that two deep having holes they mauled FSU and could have beaten Fresno by a lot more. Hurts has found his stride and no one in the SEC can stop them.

    I don't know what to make of Maryland two weeks in but they are 2-0 and looked good doing it. They should be an 8 win team this year.

    Credit to James Franklin for letting Pitt know their place and to Penn State for taking the Panthers best shot and slapping them around.

    TCU blowing up Arkansas was enjoyable.

    I thought highly of Stanford's defense this year. Believed they had the best top to bottom LB group in America. USC proved otherwise.

    Charlie Strong is 2-0 so far at USF and I am highly unimpressed. That does not look like a 12 win team with a standout QB. Everything feels forced and labored. Feel UConn pulls the upset had they played.

    My God does Baylor look awful. Matt Rhule is either going to have to revamp that roster or change his entire offense.

    Texas A&M is a top to bottom disaster. Count me in the group that feels like the hate mail was a well timed inside job coming right after the UCLA disaster and a regent basically saying he's fired. On the field they are lazy and have nothing at QB. 7 losses in SEC play is very possible.

    FSU will find a way to win 10 games but its almost foolish for any top team to play Alabama OOC.

    Auburn came up short against Clemson but that's a 10 win club down there. Stidham will be great.

    Lamar Jackson is headed toward Vince Young type status. Don't think he has the supporting cast to beat Clemson or FSU but they can ride him to 10-11 wins.

    If Oklahoma State can play to its potential all season they will beat OU in Bedlam, but with a rematch a week later its probably the Sooners making the playoffs.

    USC looks good. Good enough to win the Pac12. If they fall it'll be because of shoddy run defense.

    Ohio State.... I expected more out of Kevin Wilson that what has been seen so far. Michigan has the defense to beat them IF Spreight can make a couple plays in November. Haven't seen proof yet he can do that.

    Texas will be just fine under Tom Herman but 2017 is going to be rough.

    Army is 2-0. I like that.

    Brian Kelly will be fired at seasons end. Just a hunch.

    I loathe Oklahoma but I have no issue with planting the flag in Columbus. Mayfield is a douche deluxe but even he should only take so much abuse from enemy fans before shoving it back in their face.

    The teams through week two no one is talking about that no one should want to play? Kansas State and West Virginia.

    Both are sound, hard nosed football teams that will be real trouble in late October.

    Ill close with Washington State at 2-0. Mike Leach is a national treasure. Any of his rants on YouTube are must watch stuff.

    In an era of coddling and political correctness the Pirate is the kind of throwback coach we need more of.
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    I'll hapily add that LSU can throw and catch now that Miles is away from it completely. Now if we could cut out silly penalties.
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    I don't think Ed is a long term solution but he's got LSU going in the right direction.

    BYU was annihilated
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    Agreed! It's a feel good story for Coach O though. His recruiting will tell the tale. We will have a lot of holes to fill next year. Guice is the real deal and the young receivers seem to be as well. If this is really Etling and I fully believe that it is and IF the new OC continues to go downfield I like our offense.
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    All I know is I'll be here one week from tonight... s-l1600.jpg
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    Coach O has got to Geaux!
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    I never liked that hire from the start.
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    They panicked and settled when they lost out to Texas on the coach they really wanted.

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