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    time to look at teams Rb situation - and see who goes FA or who drafts the next Rb!

    AFC East:
    New England
    - Sony Michel and Rex Burkhead - they are solid here
    Buffalo - LeSean McCoy and Chris Ivory and Marcus Murphy - McCoy is not what he was, and on last year of contract.
    NY Jets - E. McGuire, T. Cannon, B. Powell - is this the landing spot for Bell? Tevin Coleman?
    Miami - Gore gone(or is he...), Drake, Ballage, Bolden - For whatever reason they don't trust Drake

    AFC North:
    - Conner and Samuels - good to go here
    Baltimore - Edwards and Dixon - Edwards is #1 per HC, but they will add talent in draft
    Cincinnati - Mixon and Bernard - not sure if Bernard is FA need depth - M Walton has issues now
    Cleveland - N. Chubb, Duke Johnson, K. Hunt - IF Hunt can play, I see them dealing Johnson away

    AFC South:
    - L. Miller and D'Onta Foreman - Miller may be out, so depth is needed
    Indianapolis - Mack, Hynes, Wilkins - seems pretty stacked - rumors have Bell maybe here though..
    Jacksonville - Fournette, Hyde, Grant - need depth, Hyde is a goner
    Tennessee - Henry and Lewis - solid pair here

    AFC West:
    Kansas City
    - D. Williams, West, Ware - is Williams the real deal? Do they draft to replace... BELL?!?!!?!
    L.A. Chargers - Gordon, Ekeler, Jackson - they are set, but need long term deal for Gordon
    Denver - Lindsay, Freeman - solid pair here
    Oakland - C. Warren???? - Martin is FA I believe, as is Lynch - really need help here

    NFC East:
    - Elliot and Smith - good to go
    Washington - Guice and Thompson - still talking maybe re-signing A.P. - Guice needs to be healthy
    Philadelphia - J. Adams, B. Scott - Ajayi is FA, Sproles is FA, Smallwood is also FA I believe - Bell here would be a God send - but what about Tevin Coleman??? or Duke Johnson... hmmmm
    N.Y. Giants - Barkley and Gallman - depth only issue here

    NFC North:
    - Howard and Cohen - they seem set, but I hear rumbles of Howard going ....
    Minnesota - Cook , Boone - Murray is FA so they need some depth
    Green Bay - Jones and Williams - should be okay but an O-line upgrade would be nice
    Detroit - Johnson looks to be the guy - but no real depth Riddick gone, Blount gone...Zenner??

    NFC South:
    New Orleans - Kamara - they supposedly want Ingram back..but he is FA, need depth
    Atlanta - Freeman is back(hopefully healthy), I. Smith, B. Hill add depth Coleman is a goner FA
    Carolina - McCaffrey is the man - need solid back up , look for them to draft
    Tampa Bay - Jones II????, Barber?? - desperately need a guy here

    NFC West:
    L.A. Rams - Gurley, C.J. Anderson??? - do they re-sign Anderson? Draft future - Gurley has arthritic knee....
    Seattle - Carson and Penny is solid pair
    San Francisco - McKinnon, Brieda, Mostert - if they keep Mckinnon they should be very solid
    Arizona - D. Johnson, Edmunds, Logan - need real QB and O-line but rb is solid

    Top draft Rbs:
    Not a deep Rb draft....top expected picks are:
    1) Josh Jacobs Rb Alabama
    2) David Montgomery Iowa State
    3) Darrell Henderson Memphis
    4) Devin Singletary Florida Atlantic
    5) Damien Harris Alabama
    6) Elijah Holyfield Georgia
    7) Miles Sanders Penn State
    8) Rodney Anderson Oklahoma
    9) Bryce Love Stanford

    Top FA Rbs:
    1) Le'Veon Bell
    2) Tevin Coleman
    3) Mark Ingram
    4) T. J. Yeldon
    5) Latavius Murray
    6) Jay Ajayi
    7) Javorius "Buck" Allen

    So draft will be main fix for most teams, but one team will step up and over pay for Bell and Coleman.
  2. Walter34

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    For the Bears, they are fine if they stand pat for this year. They need a 3rd RB but that will be a marginal backup some time in the offseason

    There are trade rumours however. Howard is still on a cheap deal entering the 4th year of his rookie deal. I have seen unverified rumours that the Eagles offered a 3rd late last year and the Bears said no. So the price now is allegedly a late 2nd \ high 3rd. If the Bears make the trade they will just need to draft another RB albeit a younger one on another 4 year rookie deal. They may draft one anyway planning for Howard being a FA next year.
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    Uh, no White?
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    He sucks ;)
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    I have also heard trade. Wonder if they do trade him, do they replace in draft - or go for Bell or Coleman. Both would be good fits
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    I dont know why anyone would give up a 2nd for Howard. Dude looked SLOW last year, and he's one dimensional. Just draft a young guy and you'll get similar production on a longer rookie deal.
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  7. Walter34

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    Bears can't afford these guys. drafting a rookie and cheaper FAs are the only options if they trade him.

    So, if they get a 3rd for him, they may just draft an RB with that pick. 4th ..... maybe. Otherwise, just keep him for another year.

    In case you guys aren't aware, the Bears have no 1st this year (Mack trade) and no 2nd this year (Anthony Miller trade). so they have a 3rd & 4th, no 5th as well.

    They have about 12M in cap space and are looking to sign back one or two of their own DBs Bryce Callahan and Adrian Amos.

    Limited picks and Ca$h
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