Phicinfan's 2018 Mock Draft 3 - 2 weeks til draft

Discussion in 'Outlaw NFL Fantasy Football' started by Phicinfan, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. Phicinfan

    Phicinfan Expert on nothing, opinionated on everything Administrator

    As I go through this, I don't expect much to change...but there has been on trade that changes the order, so lets review this.

    1) Cleveland - Still Qb - but I have to say it is Sam Darnold USC - this is key to next step
    2) N.Y. Giants - if Darnold there, they go Qb, but since he is not - they get Eli some help - Saquon Barkley Rb Penn State
    3) N.Y. Jets(trade with Indinapolis)
    - Jets are doing the Happy dance, only one Qb off the board - Josh Rosen Qb UCLA - Hill is just too inaccurate and Rosen is the most pro- ready in draft - they can't miss on this.
    4) Cleveland - going to help Defense now - Bradley Chubb DE NC State
    5) Denver
    - Josh Allen Qb Wyoming - not a main need - but lets face it, Keenum is a place holder at best. I think he tanks and was a one year wonder due to Shurmer and talent in Minn. They need a future Qb and this kid has the arm to be that guy.
    6) Indianapolis(trade from N.Y. Jets) - Trade - To Buffalo - with 3 of the top 5 Qbs off the board - they have to make a move. If not Buffalo then Arizona - but Buffalo wins due to 2 first round picks available this year. Indy is in need of help, moving down gets them two top flight players and probably a 2nd rounder as well. - Baker Mayfield Qb Oklahoma - Buffalo won't need to rush him, as they will use McCarron to start.
    7) Tampa Bay - Denzel Ward CB Ohio State - need def. help and secondary is a key need
    8) Chicago Bears - Quenton Nelson OL Notre Dame - need protection for Trubisky and push for the two Rbs.
    9) San Francisco - Minkah Fitzpatrick DB Alabama - Def. back field a must, he can play safety or corner
    10) Oakland - this is going to be LB. It is a dire need. The question is which Lb that is available is the right fit. I am going Roquan Smith ILB Georgia - as there greater need is inside. Great partner for Mack.
    11) Miami - Well not getting Tannehill's replacement - as Jackson is not worth this high a pick. A trade down is possible, some may really like Tremaine Edmunds - but I think this will be S and will be Derwin James S Florida State
    12) Indianapolis TRADE with Buffalo - okay they need OL and LB so you can't pass up Tremaine Edmunds LB Virginia Tech here.
    13) Washington - Vita Vea DT Washington - they desperately need a run stopper in middle of the line
    14) Green Bay - need here is OT and Cb - yes they drafted Cb first round last year, but the need is still there - going Cb with Jaire Alexander Cb Louisville - paired with King, they have a top flight DB back field for the long haul.
    15) Arizona - Qb is dire need - but I still am not feeling Lamar Jackson yet - a trade down might work, as Arizona needs alot of help. But there isn't a huge talent that is worth moving for....unless someone really wants Jackson. But they are down to Fitzgerald at Wr - so am taking top Wr with Calvin Ridley Wr Alabama here
    16) Baltimore - Need help on offense at WR - even with signing of Crabtree, and TE as well as they are still looking for a key player there - OL and C is an option but that can be gotten later - going D.J. Moore Wr Maryland - local college kid but has been shooting up the boards.
    17) L. A. Chargers - OT is a key need - OT Mike McGlinchey OT Notre Dame
    18) Seattle
    - what don't they need?!?!? Cb is the biggest - Josh Jackson Cb Iowa
    19) Dallas
    - two of the top Lbs are gone but Lb is still a need, as is DL - going with Lb as they have to have some help there due to constant injury - Rashaan Evans ILB Alabama
    - Rb is a need - they have to generate some rush offense - Blount will help, but not here, no here they need a DL help for Ansah - so Marcus Davenport DE UTSA
    21) Cincinnati
    - OL still a need, DL is a bit of a need - but to me the OL is the bigger issue, especially at C - Billy Price C/OG Ohio State - kid has talent and flexibility to play inside at C or G only reason he is dropping is due to injury at combine.
    22) Indianapolis TRADE with Buffalo - time to get some much needed help for Luck or Brissett - Derrius Guice Rb LSU - they need to take pressure off of Qb and passing game.
    23) New England(from L.A. Rams) - help in secondary is needed as the Super Bowl showed - Mike Hughes Cb UCF
    24) Carolina
    - traded away a Cb to Philly for Wr help, so the need is there - Isaiah Oliver Cb Colorado
    25) Tennessee
    - Edge rusher is key need - Harold Landry OLB Boston College
    26) Atlanta
    - Need to fill the hole left by Dontari Poe leaving - De'Ron Payne DT Alabama nicely fits the bill
    27) New Orleans - NEED to find the next Jimmy Graham - Hayden Hurst Te South Carolina
    28) Pittsburgh
    - wow, really, really would love to see Jackson fall here at Qb, he would have a couple of years to learn from Big Ben but don't see it happening - time to fix the defensive backfield - Ronnie Harmon S Alabama
    29) Jacksonville
    - Hmmm...... upset special - they put two more years on Bortles, and they have filled most of the offensive needs ......yep lets do it - Lamar Jackson Qb Louisville - this pick will really stymie Arizona who was hoping to move up early in 2nd round to nab him.
    30) Minnesota - got Qb fixed, have stud Rb coming back but could use some depth, wr is solid OL is dire need especially the interior - but this kid may flex to tackle as well - Connor Williams G/OT Texas
    31) New England
    - got the Cb they needed - now OL fix - Colton Miller OT UCLA
    32) Philadelphia
    - this is a bit of a selfish pick - but it is a huge need as well as Hick simply can't stay healthy - Lb Leighton Vander Esch Boise State
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  2. KillerFins

    KillerFins Staff Member

    Why do you think the Fins go Safety? They already have two they like in Jones & McDonald. Edmunds would be my pick here.
  3. Phicinfan

    Phicinfan Expert on nothing, opinionated on everything Administrator

    three or four website sources. Most of them having looks at DBs, S or Cb. So took top talent available.
  4. KillerFins

    KillerFins Staff Member

    Ah, ok. Still don't see it, they are also good at CB IMO, hope they look at LB or maybe DT.
  5. efactor

    efactor Coming at you

    Fitzpatrick can't play outside corner in the NFL and SF is solid at safety with Tartt and Colbert. Smith or Edmunds unless Nelson falls.

    Would love to see a trade down if they can find a trade buddy
  6. cctekguy

    cctekguy Staff Member

    I think that the first pick in the draft will be Barkley.

    If not Cleveland than via trade.
  7. ExperiencedRookie

    ExperiencedRookie Well-Known Member

    No way.

    Nobody is going to blow their brains out to move up to #1 for a RB. Cleveland isn't taking him at #1 either.
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  8. Phicinfan

    Phicinfan Expert on nothing, opinionated on everything Administrator

    First I agree Barkley won't be #1. Cleveland won't trade out, won't get the value to trade out, and they HAVE to nail the Qb they want.

    But, I guarantee you, Barkley will not go below #5, either by who is there, or by trade.

    IF I was Cleveland - I would do the following - Go Qb with first pick, then at #4 go Chubb at DE, or trade down for additional picks to fix the defense. This is assuming Barkley is not there at #4.

    IF he is, I don't care what you did with Hyde, you don't pass up a tool that will make your rookie and current Qb that much better. You take Barkley at #4.
  9. cctekguy

    cctekguy Staff Member

    Part of my reasoning for Barkley going first overall is Cleveland's QB drafting success since 2010.

    Colt McCoy, 3rd, 2010
    Brandon Weedon, 1st, 2012
    Johnny Manziel, 1st, 2014
    Cody Kessler, 3rd, 2016
    DeShone Kiser, 2nd, 2017

    That's a ton of top picks with NOTHING to show for it.

    I just figure Cleveland is sick of getting zero return from their top draft picks and is leaning a different direction this year.

    I also think that the Rookie QB buzz is inspired by NFL needs more than actual talent at the position. This is evidenced by the lack of consistency in ranking the top 5 QBs. It's just a nice group of "good" college QBs. Barkley, on the other hand, is in a tier all by himself.

    Denver, Indianapolis and Tampa Bay (5th, 6th, and 7th) all have a glaring need at RB. I don't see a trade down as completely out of the question. If they traded 1:1 to Indy (for example) Indy would take Barkley, Giants would not take a QB, Jets would take a QB and that leaves Cleveland with the pick @ 4 with only one top QB prospect off the board.

    The trade scenario would be dependent on value but if Cleveland could get Tampa's #7, 2019 1 and 2020 2 they could STILL have one of the top 3 QBs and have a plan for the future.
  10. hikeNbike

    hikeNbike Well-Known Member

    Hoping for Calvin Ridley or Mike Mglinchey for the Cowboys 1st round pick, then defense, defense, and more defense.

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  11. German CTL

    German CTL Circle City Outlaw

    Assuming Cle is sold on a particular QB, they go QB 1st and hope Barkley falls to them at 4.

    But if they happen to view Allen, Darnold, Rosen or even Mayfield as relatively equal... Then why not grab Barkley at 1 and at that point they'd have their pick of at least two of the four QB's mentioned above at 4?

    Gonna be interesting that's for sure
  12. ExperiencedRookie

    ExperiencedRookie Well-Known Member

    I don't know how much of this stigma sticks to a franchise, but the last time Cleveland pumped an early pick into a "can't miss" RB, they ended up with Trent Richardson. That wasn't all that long ago.

    I know there's that fear of passing up a generational talent, but they flat out don't need a RB. In fact...HOT TAKE ALERT: but I think Cleveland doesn't necessarily need a QB either. Tyrod can flat out play. I'll never understand why the public's take on him is that he's just a bridge player. When you have Gordon, Landry, Coleman, a pair of young TEs with upside, and 2 proven players at RB, your offense is ready to roll. Just go spend those top 2 picks on defense. Or trade back and get some solid value and still land one of the best defensive players.
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  13. mudloggerone

    mudloggerone Outlaw Administrator

    What's wild is the rumor started two days ago that they are considering taking a QB with the 1st & 4th. I certainly don't expect that to happen but they won't go RB with the 1st pick.

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