Phicinfan's 2018 Mock Draft 2 - post FA start

Discussion in 'Outlaw NFL Fantasy Football' started by Phicinfan, Mar 22, 2018.

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    Okay, seems things have started to change a few trades and some key FA moves, so lets take a second stab at this.....

    1) Cleveland - I had them going Barkley last one, but with the move of Jets to #3 and with Buffalo and Arizona lingering to move to #2 - I think they have to get their Qb - Sam Darnold Qb USC
    2) N.Y. Giants - Nope no trade here. Giants have been pretty locked into the fact they like Eli, and while they need to look to the future, they also need to give Eli support. I have seen OL here, QB here, RB here and with the trade of JPP DL here. But the best player in the draft is here - Saquon Barkley Rb Penn State
    3) N.Y. Jets - They moved up to take a Qb, and they basically have their choice. - Josh Allen Qb Wyoming
    4) Cleveland - believe it or not, they go best player available and take Bradley Chubb DE NC State
    5) Denver - Qb is an option here, but I think they feel better with Keenum - which is a HUGE mistake. IMO. But I think Denver goes OL here to help Keenum stay upright - Quenton Nelson OL Notre Dame
    6) Indianapolis - TRADE - Buffalo -need to get ahead of Miami and Arizona who may or may not want a Qb but reports are they do. Buffalo needs a long term solution at Qb, and not sure McCarron is it. They go rogue here though( and can cause there ain't much to do in Buffalo) - Baker Mayfield Qb Oklahoma
    7)Tampa Bay - well with the trade for JPP they got a much needed pass rusher, so lets hit other needs with a S/DB who can help - Minkah Fitzpatrick DB Alabama
    8) Chicago Bears - they kept who they wanted on Def. but they still have need at Cb - Denzel Ward Cb The Ohio State
    9) San Francisco - LB help is much needed as our own efactor has pointed out - so lets take the top one - Tremaine Edmunds LB Virginia Tech
    10) Oakland - defense is biggest issue after all moves in FA - Roquan Smith LB Georgia
    11) Miami - TRADE - Arizona - Josh Rosen Qb UCLA - Miami could use Qb of the future, but extra picks is most needed as they have had a fire sale lately. Arizona knows now it has to move and get Qb it needs - this is a perfect storm here.
    12) Indianapolis - from earlier trade with Buffalo - I don't know if they get both #1s from Buffalo, but I know if a trade were to have happened this pick would be a must - biggest need is outside pass rush - Marcus Davenport DE UTSA
    13) Washington - Vita Vea DT Washington - desperately needs wide body in middle to stop the run.
    14) Green Bay - need DB help with FA losses, one of the top safety's still on the board here - Derwin James S Florida State
    15) Miami from earlier trade with Arizona - need a ton, but OL is a major need - Connor Williams OT/G Texas
    16) Baltimore - yes I know they have added crabtree - but Wr is a huge need and the best one in this draft is still there - Calvin Ridley Wr Alabama
    17) Los Angeles Chargers - need OL and LB - going LB as this kid is solid - Rashaan Evans ILB Alabama
    18) Seattle - went OL in last mock and probably would again, but the defensive backfield was totally stripped, and they desperately need some help - Mike Hughes Cb Central Florida
    19) Dallas - need more DL help - Da'Ron Payne DT Alabama
    20)Detroit - they have got to run, and their current backs can't do it, yes they just brought in Blount, but they need a real Rb for the future- Derrius Guice Rb LSU
    21) Cincinnati - got OT in trade with Buffalo to move down here, but is it enough? I don't think so, so lets take a better option at C or G and go with Billy Price C/G The Ohio State
    22) Indianapolis - Trade - earlier trade with Buffalo- yup, Buffalo had to give up both to get there - Lorenzo Carter OLB Georgia
    23) Los Angeles Rams - Will Hernandez G UTEP
    24) Carolina - Josh Jackson Cb Iowa- needed help for bad secondary
    25) Tennessee - D.J. Moore Wr Maryland - need more tools for Mariota to work with
    26) Atlanta - Taven Bryan DT Florida - need to fill Dontari Poe's position and they have added to OL in FA
    27) New Orleans - Hayden Hurst TE South Carolina - constantly looking for Graham's replacement
    28) Pittsburgh - Big ben has threatened retirement, who knows. but DB is a bigger need - Ronnie Harrison S Alabama
    29) Jaguars 10-6 - There will be transition at Wr, but they need an outlet for Bortles so TE here is a real help - Dallas Goedert TE South Dakota State - best part is he is solid blocking as well as catching so will help OL with chipping the DEs
    30) Minnesota - as expected they got cousins so Qb is not an issue. OL is though. They need real help here. Need at OT is rampant, so pick is - Chukwuma Okorafor OT Western Michigan
    31) New England - Cb is the need to me- Jaire Alexander Cb Louisville
    32) Philadelphia - need OT depth - Tyrell Crosby OT Oregon

    Now to address the Qb not taken by Giants - I personally am really high on Mason Rudolph Qb Oklahoma state, and think he is a great fit in the 2nd round for the Giants.
  2. efactor

    efactor Coming at you

    Torn between Edmunds and Smith for SF. Edmunds had crazy size and speed with huge potential, but Smith is the cleaner player and safer pick. Be happy with either one though.

    Derwin James at 14 for GB would be the steal of the draft. Top 5 player but safety seems a devalued position.

    DJ Moore moving up the boards after the combine but would Tennessee go WR in first round again this year?
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  3. Walter34

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    The bears may be looking at the same 2 LBs so the choice may be made for SF
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  4. Phicinfan

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    All that an no one upset about the trade I projected? I am shocked!
  5. ExperiencedRookie

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    Why would we be upset?

    Wait....are you telling us that you don't actually know the draft order?

    We've been deceived!! He's not the wizard we were promised!
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  6. Phicinfan

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    Technically, I am a Dr, not a wizard. :D
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  7. ExperiencedRookie

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    I've been seeing my cousin pop up on some first round mocks I've seen.

    Leighton Vander Esch from Boise St. Just a hard working Idaho kid.
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  8. KillerFins

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    I went to both Idaho & BSU. I'm astonished how far BSU has come in the last 20 years. Last BSU game I went to in 98 or 99 had a high school feel. Got end zone tickets for $5.
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  9. Phicinfan

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    I agree, think this guy easily makes the first round, would love to see him in Philly

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