Nick Foles and the eagles

Discussion in 'Outlaw NFL Fantasy Football' started by hikeNbike, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. hikeNbike

    hikeNbike Well-Known Member

    Okay I just dont get it. Carson Wentz by all accounts is a better skilled and overall better quarterback than Foles. But for some reason the rest of the team picks it up when Foles is starting at least late in the season. It's funny I would like the Bears in this game if Wrntz were starting but I have this crazy feeling Philly goes into Chicago and wins today. Maybe I'm totally off here, just have this crazy thought that they pull some more underdog magic.

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  2. mudloggerone

    mudloggerone Outlaw Administrator

    Sadly I think it'll be Da Bears walking away with this one.
  3. cctekguy

    cctekguy Staff Member

    I picked Eagles in the Pick'Em game.

    It makes no sense but neither does the NFL.
  4. mudloggerone

    mudloggerone Outlaw Administrator

    As a Saint's fan the Bears scare me much more than the Eagles. That defense of the Bears is built for winning championships.
  5. mudloggerone

    mudloggerone Outlaw Administrator

    Eagles show they can play defense too. :) Approaching halftime and it's a fantastic game with a 3-3 score. Have to love playoff football.
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  6. cctekguy

    cctekguy Staff Member

    Eagles win, proving once again that Magic > Talent.
  7. hikeNbike

    hikeNbike Well-Known Member

    Mudd your Saints dodged the Cowboys next week, but have to deal with Foles Magic.

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  8. cctekguy

    cctekguy Staff Member

    Cowboys would lose either way but they definitely have a better chance vs LA.

    Rams will be unmasked in the play-offs, as will Kansas City.

    I dunno...could be Dallas.

    My picks for next week are:

    Indy takes down KC

    NE delivers against Chargers after playing possum for the last quarter of the season

    Rams eke out a win vs Dallas

    Philly is out of rabbits in the Super Dome.

    Saints vs Rams

    Patriots vs Indy

    Saints vs Pats in Atlanta.

    ...and 2 weeks of the "Brady vs Brees" rhetoric will be disgusting....

    BUT, the NFL will sell lots of merchandise, viewership will be off the charts and Robert Kraft and Tom Benson will get even richer.

    Super Bowl LIII will be the final feather in Tom Brady's hat, cinching him as the greatest quarterback of all time, and he will ride quietly off into the sunset.
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  9. MongerKhan

    MongerKhan TXL: Pimp Hand Strong Staff Member Moderator

    I thought Benson was dead?
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  10. JScott

    JScott Administrator

    I of course like the narrative Tek, but if this was to be Brady's finale how much more fitting would it be to play and beat the Rams in the SB. Finishing the way he started.
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  11. cctekguy

    cctekguy Staff Member

    It's setting up Brees' farewell next year. :)
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  12. hikeNbike

    hikeNbike Well-Known Member

    Stole a little of my thunder Tek. I also like the Colts in an upset. Patriots are not what they once were but in Foxboro against the Chargers doesnt feel like a spot they lose, so I like the Pat's this week.

    NFC I'm torn a bit something again going on in Philly, but I do like Brees against that secondary, so Saints seem like the logical choice. I will take the Cowboys though against the Rams. Feed Zeke, drain the clock and lean on that defense. Tank and Gregory have been creating havoc. Secondary is much improved. A great spot against a Rams team with some challenges on defense and I suspect there will be a fair number of Cowboy fans in LA.

    If it turns out like this I like the Colts to upset the Pats in Foxboro the following week in a pass the torch kind of game. Colts d is coming together and their offensive line has been dominating and providing plenty of room for the running game and protection for Luck. Then Saints to advance past the Cowboys.

    Luck and the Colts to win the Super Bowl.

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  13. Birdman

    Birdman Ready For Some Football

    As long as Nick Foles is the QB the Eagles cannot lose! (I don't really believe this)

    (I actually believe this)
  14. mudloggerone

    mudloggerone Outlaw Administrator

    Benson is gone. Eagles win and get to play my Saints in the matchup I wanted. Now we'll see if I had a clue. Saints beat the Eagles by over 30 points earlier this season. Cowboys will upset the Rams setting up Cowboys/Saints rematch but in New Orleans this time with the Saints advancing to Atlanta. Colts will play against the Saints in the Super Bowl and just like our last Super Bowl appearance the Saints will beat the Colts. :) Well I hope so anyway.
  15. Phicinfan

    Phicinfan Expert on nothing, opinionated on everything Administrator

    Would love to see my Eagles win this, but I can't see that patched up secondary being able to stop the Saints. Especially in N.O.
    Rams will beat Dallas - as they will force Dak to do more.

    I could see Indy beating the Chiefs as they are the hottest team right now.
    No way LA beats NE.
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  16. Phicinfan

    Phicinfan Expert on nothing, opinionated on everything Administrator

    Heard a really interesting rumor on Foles and Philly.

    Per reports Philly wants to get value for Foles, so they can either hit the $20 million option on his contract(I doubt they do...) OR they could FT him, and get value that way.

    I find it hard to believe they would risk this, but then again if Carson can't stay healthy, he is great to be back up.
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  17. gizzil

    gizzil Well-Known Member

    Bears offense was terrible and they missed a pretty easy field goal. I don't really feel like any of the Eagles' win was magical.
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  18. Phicinfan

    Phicinfan Expert on nothing, opinionated on everything Administrator

    You missed the whole team on the bench opening up cans of Diet Pepsi then didn't ya....... :D
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  19. jjtweeks

    jjtweeks Moderator

  20. gizzil

    gizzil Well-Known Member

    HAHA toootally was drinking a pepsi at the time... Honestly Sherrick McManis is way more to blame for that loss than Cody Parkey
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