NFL Week did ya do?

Discussion in 'DFS for football' started by Miller, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Miller

    Miller Who Dey Administrator

    So who played week 1? How did ya do?

    I played almost all of my action on FD this week...what an odd opening week. On the main Sunday slates, there was not many huge performances and many of the big names didn't quite live up to what many expected.

    However, in a depressed scoring week, I'm going to end up looking pretty damn good. I was very heavy on the Rams D and Hooper at TE. They, along with A. Brown, are making me pretty happy overall. Here is my top team right now, if I can get a strong 2nd half out of Zeke...I could go from good week 1 to GREAT week 1.

  2. Miller

    Miller Who Dey Administrator

    Well Zeke was good enough to lift me to 3rd and $2k!
  3. mudloggerone

    mudloggerone Outlaw Administrator

  4. Phicinfan

    Phicinfan Expert on nothing, opinionated on everything Administrator

    Awesome Job Miller - I just don't have the guts to spend the money to do this kind of thing
  5. Miller

    Miller Who Dey Administrator

    You would probably do pretty good. Just comes down to doing some research and sticking with your system. I have come out ahead every year I have played...but this is the biggest NFL week I have had. It's more of a grind than big hits.

    What is fun about it is you can play for $1 if you can be pretty small potatoes if you want it to be.
  6. German CTL

    German CTL Circle City Outlaw

    Entered one cash lineup in two 50/50 contests on Draft Kings and ended up cashing in both. 138 point lineup with McCoy, Gurley, Ertz and Rams being the most productive.
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  7. Miller

    Miller Who Dey Administrator

    Do you play mostly on DK?
  8. German CTL

    German CTL Circle City Outlaw

    Yeah I only play on Draft Kings.. I'm comfortable with their format/website and I like their "casual" contests.
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  9. ExperiencedRookie

    ExperiencedRookie Well-Known Member

    Wow Miller!! Great score. Well done.

    I was with you on Fitz, Gurley and Crabtree for a good deal of my lineups.

    I can't see how anyone paid the big bucks for Zeke in week 1 though. His only 2 games where he was held in check last year both came against the NYG. What led you to thinking he'd be a good play?
  10. ExperiencedRookie

    ExperiencedRookie Well-Known Member

    I like to stick to the H2Hs. A little less variance there.

    Unfortunately, I lost every single H2H I played this week. Some "pro" scooped up all of my challenges, and he beat me by 2 measly points.

    Luckily, I had a VERY good week betting NFL this week. I went 2-2 in my small bets. 2-0 in my big bets though.
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  11. Miller

    Miller Who Dey Administrator

    Mixed it up on the 3 big backs to get exposure to all of them. Just so happened I had the right one in this one.....I didn't shy away from Zeke based on a little pissed off factor...never under-estimate a pissed off football player who is trying to give the league the middle finger...
  12. ExperiencedRookie

    ExperiencedRookie Well-Known Member

    Either way, very well done.

    We going to get some week 2 DFS talk going?
  13. Miller

    Miller Who Dey Administrator

    Sure, I'm all for it.

    Working on my college lineups now...will make the switch to NFL once I have them done.
  14. ExperiencedRookie

    ExperiencedRookie Well-Known Member

    This feels like a really terrific week to get into tournaments that start on Thursday. The ownership rate on Thursday players is always a few percentage points higher than they should be. Seems like people can't wait to get some action in. You'll have a chunk of your competition that fields lineups like:
    Sunday WR
    Cincy D
    Hou K
  15. Miller

    Miller Who Dey Administrator

    I usually ignore Thursday just out of time.

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