NFL news - as OTAs and Mini-camps are going

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  1. Phicinfan

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    Buffalo is going to give Josh Allen reps with first team to see if he can start this year.

    Mark Ingram, who skipped OTAs, but is there for mandatory mini-camp - will he hold out? Do we care he has a suspension already.
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  2. Phicinfan

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    Okay for some more news....

    - Per PFT - Luck has been showing in practice throwing a HS football, however, outside of practice he has been throwing a regulation football to HC Reich. He maintains he is pain free, other than normal soreness from throwing alot. This is good news for Indy.
    - D. Watson Qb Hou is practicing without a brace on his injured knee. So sounds like he is ramping up for season
    - Baltimore players are in "awe" of seeing what L. Jackson rookie Qb can do. They have plans to have him active this season, and might have both Qbs playing together to open options
    - Kraft says rumors of team trading away Gronk is "hogwash" - yeah watch him be gone in a week or so.... - seriously though he is reported to be not happy at all, and wants more money to play.
    - OBJ has been medically cleared to practice - and promptly does not much - can you say hold out?
    - M. Ingram Rb N.O. says his missing voluntary camps was not contract related - and I am the Queen of Sheeba....... Enjoy those 4 weeks off Mark.
    - L. Kuechly Lb Car - is on pace to be ready by opening of camp from off season shoulder surgery
    - Per HC - Joe Williams of SF is back and better than ever, and has a chance to really contribute - will need someone to back up McKinnon and spell him.
    - Jay Gruden HC of washington(the other know...) - is putting alot of pressure on A.Smith to win now - cause he will get fired if he doesn't...(Gruden that is..)
    - Rams own Reggie Bush $12 million plus for the law suit he filed - per reports the last game they played in St. Louis - he was pushed out of bounds and screwed his knee up, and was never the same. Courts agreed - and no....this was not a final stab by St. Louis locals to tweek the Rams.... ;)
    - Marvin Lewis isn't all that secure in Tyler Eifert's rehab from back surgery.....kid just can't stay healthy....
    - LeSean McCoy thinks Josh Allen is pretty special - woo hoo....
    - In the well that didn't take too long - Raiders have cut Christian Hackenberg Qb(?) after trading a conditional 7th round pick for him a month ago.
    - Saints are starting to window shop vet Rbs - they are looking at J. Charles, T. Hightower and T. West
    - Last but not least - Josh Gordon feels the Browns have the best Wr core - honestly if he is fully back and Landry is all that....they should be pretty darn good.
  3. KillerFins

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    Landry is showing why Miami didn't want to give him a big contract. I liked his intensity, but the story has always been a selfish player.

    Even now after getting the big contract he coveted he is still taking shots.

    Landry: I didn't have good relationship with Tannehill

    Good riddance.
  4. Phicinfan

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    6/14/18 update - yeah I am that bored....
    - N.O. Saints sign veteran Rb Terrance West - needed some vet depth for Ingram missing 4 games
    - Wentz - by all reports he is on his way back, but for first time Eagles made it clear Foles is the starter until Wentz gets full contact clearance.
    - S.Barkley NYG is still unsigned - not sure what the hold up is, but I am amazed at how many picks are signed already. Hold out here is killer for NYG
    - In the OMG shock and awe area - Qb Christian Hackenberg has cleared waivers :D
    - ROT Jake Fisher for Cin is back in full practice after missing end of last season due to Heart issue and had Heart surgery :eek: - great to see him back and well
    - Vikings - Need to establish a Wr after Theilen and Diggs - choices are Treadwell, Jarius Wright and Kendall Wright. We all know the real #3 is K. Rudolph TE
    - NYJ - rookie Qb Sam Darnold is doing very well, and OC and Qb(J. McCown) have said he could be starter at beginning of season - would be great for Jets if this kid produces early.
    - Seattle - Chris Carson Rb is running with the 1st sqaud in Seattle over rookie Rb Penny - he is coming back from broken leg and flashed in his short starting stint
    - NYJ - Wr Robbie Anderson while cleared of most charges still has DUI charge and potential NFL issue facing him
    - Arizona - Fitzgerald is non-commital on this being his last season or not as he is just trying to get through camp healthy.
    - Cowboys - have broken open the piggy bank for Zach Martin OG - 6 years $84 million with $40 guaranteed - YIKES!!
    - JuJu Smith Shuster Wr Pittsburgh - is having a knee issue this camp - not good for the other starting Wr for Pitt.
    - Baltimore - Ravens Cb Jimmy Smith is back practicing already from his Achilles issue from last year
    - Luck - Indy Qb A. Luck was back throwing a REAL NFL football yesterday - 20 or so tosses as he starts to ramp up his throwing - well finally!!
    - Denver - has brought back DeMarcus Ware as a part time coach to work with the DL on rushing the passer
    - New England - to show where there is smoke..... - there have been substantiated reports that up to 3 days before the draft N.E. was shopping Gronk - but 2 days before the draft he agreed he was coming back and suddenly talks ended - so much for Owners rant on we never wanted to trade Gronk.

    thats it for today
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  5. ExperiencedRookie

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    What the shit is Carson doing running with the 1s?!?
  6. Phicinfan

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    Well it could be Penny has not signed yet...not sure on that.
    Also, he did very well for the short time he played last year, and they were very high on him....
  7. ExperiencedRookie

    ExperiencedRookie Well-Known Member

    Yet they spent a 1st round pick on another RB...
  8. Walter34

    Walter34 Well-Known Member

    too soon to panic. He's signed and currently the top of the depth chart at Ourlads. Give it time.
  9. MongerKhan

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    Apparently Teddy Bridgewater is absolutely killing it in practice. Everyone that watches says he looks like the old Teddy.
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  10. Phicinfan

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    Draft players still unsigned:
    Atlanta Falcons

    WR Calvin Ridley (1st round, 26th overall)

    Baltimore Ravens

    TE Hayden Hurst (1st round, 25th overall)

    Buffalo Bills

    QB Josh Allen (1st round, 7th overall)

    Carolina Panthers

    WR D.J. Moore (1st round, 24th overall)

    Chicago Bears

    LB Roquan Smith (1st round, 8th overall)

    Cincinnati Bengals

    DE Sam Hubbard (3rd round, 77th overall)

    LB Malik Jefferson (3rd round 78th overall)

    Cleveland Browns

    QB Baker Mayfield (1st round, 1st overall)

    CB Denzel Ward (1st round, 4th overall)

    Denver Broncos

    LB Bradley Chubb (1st round, 5th overall)

    RB Royce Freeman (3rd round, 71st overall)

    Indianapolis Colts

    LB Darius Leonard (2nd round, 36th overall)

    OL Braden Smith (2nd round, 37th overall)

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    DT Taven Bryan (1st round, 29th overall)

    Miami Dolphins

    TE Mike Gesicki (2nd round, 42nd overall)

    Minnesota Vikings

    CB Mike Hughes (1st round, 30th overall)

    New England Patriots

    OL Isaiah Wynn (1st round, 23rd overall)

    RB Sony Michel (1st round, 31st overall)

    New York Giants

    RB Saquon Barkley (1st round, 2nd overall)

    DL RJ McIntosh (5th round, 139th overall)

    New York Jets

    QB Sam Darnold (1st round, 3rd overall)

    Oakland Raiders

    DE Arden Key (3rd round, 87th overall)

    Pittsburgh Steelers

    S Terrell Edmunds (1st round, 28th overall)

    San Francisco 49ers

    T Mike McGlinchey (1st round, 9th overall)

    WR Dante Pettis (2nd round, 44th overall)

    Seattle Seahawks

    DL Rasheem Green (3rd round, 79th overall)

    credit list to PFT
  11. Phicinfan

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    News update for 6/15/18
    Per PFT and team sources - Martavius Bryant now with Oakland is facing a possible suspension for substances.
    Falcons have begun to talk to Julio Jones on contract
    Lamar Jackson Qb for Ravens took some limited snaps with first team yesterday - Flacco getting nervous.....
    D. Watson has shed the brace and sleeve in practices for his injured knee - kid is really resilient.
    S. Darnold is currently listed as the #3 Qb in Jets land, but per HC and OC he could be starter by start of season
    Per OC Fichtner in Pitt, Mason Rudolph is every thing we asked for and more....... Possibly #2 this year??
    In the I can't believe its a girdle post - Christian Hackenberg is visiting the Patriots
    Patriots have extended Fb James Develin
  12. Walter34

    Walter34 Well-Known Member

    was just about to post that Phic. Stear clear of Bryant.
  13. Remote Controller

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  14. Phicinfan

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    Per Schefter at ESPN - Qb Jameis Winston of Tampa Bay is facing a 3 game suspension for off field issues - the past Uber driver attack that was infered.
  15. KillerFins

    KillerFins Staff Member

    Sounds like they struck a deal, he was getting punished for not disclosing it to the league in a timely manner.
  16. Phicinfan

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    Drafted players still not signed:
    17 picks left unsigned:
    12 first round picks - including the #1 pick Mayfield
    3 second round picks
    1 3rd round pick
    1 5th round pick

    Evidently the deal that Seattle signed with Penny for a late first round is a major issue for teams post his pick due to the high guaranteed salary in year four. This is one reason folks feel Calvin Ridley(26th pick remains unsigned). per PFT

    One other side note, Le'Veon Bell feels better about negotiations for a long term deal, per him he and the team are closer now then they were this time last year.
  17. mudloggerone

    mudloggerone Outlaw Administrator

    Bell added "None of that matters if we don't get it done."
  18. Phicinfan

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    News update:

    Cb Janoris Jenkins of the NYG may have some issues. Last night a dead body was found in the house he rents in NJ. The body belonged to Roosevelt Rene a musician, and Police are treating this like a Homicide. No charges have been filed on Jenkins, and no one is saying he is involved. However, per reports the Giants have told him to STAY in FL, and not return to NJ at this time. No idea why. The body is being looked at by the coroner, with cause of death still to be determined.

    Philly - has spent most of this off-season with Jay Ajayi as the main back - looks like Philly may go with a smaller rotation of Ajayi, Clement and Sproles for change of pace and 3rd down.

    Tarik Cohen has been used everywhere in the Bears offense, and looks to be the "Tyreek Hill" in Chicago. Stated in an interview that if he could Kick they would use him there too.

    Reports have Derrius Guice as the leading rb in Washington - yeah I know...duh.

    Rams pushing hard to get DL Donald signed - per interview with GM, talks have been ongoing and positive, and he HOPES they get this done before camp

    Jaguars Dante Fowler is still hurt, and some upper body injury has been keeping him from training and reports have him losing alot of muscle mass

    Thats about it for now.
  19. Phicinfan

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    Well just a bit of news...
    Janoris Jenkin's brother has been arrested in conjunction with the death of the person found in Jenkin's house.
    Rams are moving Watkins all over at all rolls for wr - maybe he finally busts out and really produces?
    Andrew Luck has gotten through all the pre-camp stuff with no pain in shoulder - baby steps Mr. Luck.
    Tamba Hali is looking to retire now
    Colts sign 2nd round pick Braden Smith

    thats about it, can't wait for camps to start
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  20. Phicinfan

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    NFL has officially announced the 3 game suspension of Jamies Winston for violation of NFL personal conduct policy.

    Per the report he inappropriately touched the driver in a sexual manner without consent. He is NOT appealing, which means...he knows he screwed up.

    Suddenly rumors of Tampa NOT extending him or possibly trading him makes alot more sense now.

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