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  1. MongerKhan

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    So the breaking news this morning is at the Oakland Athletics are fully expecting Kyler Murray to declare for the NFL draft by Sunday's deadline.

    The interesting part in all this is that the Arizona Cardinals and Kliff Kingsbury are already looking like if he does declare they are planning to draft him number one overall and trade Josh Rosen.
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  2. MongerKhan

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    Which the interesting part as well is that in the contract with the Oakland A's his signing bonus was 4 and 1/2 million and if he does declare for the draft he owes the Oakland A's that signing bonus back.
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  3. Phicinfan

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    Unless he decides to 2 sport it, not like that hasn't been done before.....

    I also don't think he will be drafted that high, as he is not a tall Qb, while he has incredible talent, he is pretty short and that raises challenges in the NFL you don't see in college. I don't see any team drafting him real high unless they get him to give assurances on no baseball
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    He needs to stick with Baseball.

    It's not size restrictive, he could have a longer career, and the serious injury threat is lower.

    Is he a pitcher or a position player?
  5. cctekguy

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    My answer to myself:

    He's a speedy outfielder with gold glove potential and immature to questionable hitting skills.
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  6. Remote Controller

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    One of the reason Kliff landed that job is, in the interview for it, he impressed ownership with his advanced knowledge of Rosen, and he explained to them how he'd develop him and use him. I doubt they move him over comments made in October before or after his team played OU. My guess is they will go Defense with the first pick.
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  7. MongerKhan

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    Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Kyler Murray has officially declared for the NFL draft
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