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    2 lawsuits filed by folks in Louisiana - to force Roger Goodell to use rule 17 to replay last two minutes of game....
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    I knew it.

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    NFL fined Rams CB Nickell Robey-Coleman $26,739 for his helmet-to-helmet hit on Saints WR Tommylee Lewis in Sunday's NFC Championship.

    The Rams slot corner will reportedly appeal the fine. This will do little to satisfy Saints fans as Robey-Coleman should have been flagged both for an illegal hit and pass interference on a play that likely cost New Orleans its shot at playing in Super Bowl LIII. By fining Robey-Coleman, the league is essentially admitting fault on one of the most egregious missed calls in recent memory. The Saints had their chances to put the Rams away on Sunday, but if the correct call had been made, New Orleans would likely be preparing to face New England right now.

    Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter
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    So tell me...

    How does the NFL fine a player for a play that didn't draw a flag?

    It's like the NFL is blaming Robey-Coleman for the blown call.

    If I were McVay, I'd seriously consider benching Coleman for the Super Bowl. Refs will be all over this cat as will the blood thirsty fans.

    The guy is a penalty magnet to begin with and you know Beli will exploit the situation.
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    the league has always allowed for them to assess fines or punishment on players for hits or issues even if Ref's miss the call.

    They are not blaming Coleman for the non-call - they are basically admitting the ref made a mistake, and the hit was punishable by the rules as they are now set. It was a head to head hit, and should have been flagged for that alone, let alone the fact it was also PI
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