Mandatory Mini-camp misses

Discussion in 'Outlaw NFL Fantasy Football' started by Phicinfan, Jun 12, 2018.

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    The following players have decided NOT to attend these mandatory camps:

    Julio Jones - he has 2 years left on deal, but he is now the #10 overall paid Wr. This could run into the season.
    LeVeon Bell - reports he won't report
    David Johnson - this was new to me, but he wants a new deal
    Odell Beckham Jr - he will be there, but won't participate per reports
    Aaron Donald - won't be showing up, this may run the whole season.....
    Khalil Mack - won't attend - wants new deal
    Earl Thomas - also won't show up
    New add - Taylor Lewan OT Tenn

    Quite the list. Some others are still wanting deals, but are not holding out. Just missing voluntary camps and OTAs.
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    Huge names there. For both FF and the team's chances this year.

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