Jerry Jones being a ....brat

Discussion in 'Outlaw NFL Fantasy Football' started by Phicinfan, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Phicinfan

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    This is a personal rant, so feel free to not read if you like, you have been warned....

    you know what I hate more than anything? When rich people feel they have the right to put their will over other people just because they are rich - even when you have 30 other owners(Remember folks GB is owned by the community....which is really cool...) who are ALSO RICH! What makes you God?

    So to let all know what I am ranting about.....

    There is a 6 owner competition committee that is responsible for the extension for Commissioner Roger Goodell. To appease the rich and cranky, this committee added Jerry as an adhoc member(no voting rights) to get his veteren feedback.

    Seems Jerry has a thorn in his paw over the fact the NFL had the gaul to go after his studly star Rb for domestic violence, even though HE decided the evidence wasn't enough. So now he has raised a ruckus, and delayed the vote on the already agreed upon extension. As such, suddenly those 6 owners grew a spine(God bless you my children) and took his adhoc membership away.

    Now, Jerry has decided to threaten legal action(like he has a case...... pfft) and threatening to sue the league and certain other owners if they approve this action. Please note it would take 24 owners to vote this down and kick Goodell out. To date most think Jerray has 4 or 5 at best fully supporting him, but there are some fence sitters, and that is who he is trying to scare.

    so Jerry, do us the fans, and the league a real favor....just sit down and shut up. Your player made a mistake, as did his female associate...they were young and screwed up. Let the guy stand up, be a man, take his punishment and move on. And again,....please just sit down and shut up.

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  2. Deacon

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    The only thing keeping me from saying he is channeling Al Davis is the fact that he hasn't threatened to move the team. And I am sure that is highly unlikely since he has his shiny stadium.
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  3. mudloggerone

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    Reports say that the owners have an avenue to take the Cowboys away from Jerry and that some are openly discussing it. Man that would bringon the mother of all court cases and Jerry may not live long enough to see it reach a conclusion. Jerry needs to grow up. His antics are not helping the league.
  4. Phicinfan

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    yup, and this is a beauty.
    first the rule is owned to the Commissioner - its actions detrimental to the league - first level offense is a $500,000 fine, if it is felt to be much worse, the commissioner can request the other league owners vote to remove ownership from that owner. It is also being reviewed for Tenn. because Bud Adams split ownership 50/50 for his kids without one clear owner. NFL requires one clear owner to work some think Tenn. will be force to be sold soon as well.

    Net, Jerry is getting hand slapped - his ad hoc status was removed from the commision for the renewal, and they have full support of all owners to negotiate and fix that contract. Add to that, he has ticked off alot of owners with his issues...and is losing a lot of clout.
  5. Phicinfan

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    Bwahahahaha - Those 6 owners on this committee have slapped Jerry Jones:
    From PFT:
    Jerray better keep his trap shut :D
  6. Remote Controller

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    Not a Jerry fan but this is a big joke. Non story if I've ever heard one. As he said...... "laughable" .
  7. Phicinfan

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    Curious why this is a non-story? This is clearly him having a hissy over losing Zeke. As they voted 32 - 0 to enter into extension talks with Goodell, so he had to have voted yes then. I will add, he fired the first shot, by threatening to sue if they went forward with the deal.
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  8. mudloggerone

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    I'd laugh for a week if it were to happen but it won't. It could however but it won't. Too bad though.
  9. Remote Controller

    Remote Controller Well-Known Member

    I agree with all of what you say. I just see no way he gets removed. Sorry I didn't explain it very good. I would LOVE IT if they were able to pull it off. That would be great.
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  10. Phicinfan

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    Oh, yeah, fully agree there is a snow ball's chance in Hell he has to sell. I don't think there is an owner there who has the guts to push it. I would love to see it happen, I would LOVE to see them push the fine and make him squirm. But I doubt they do it.
  11. Phicinfan

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    Interesting so WSJ has filed a report confirming what PFT reported Sunday night, that being that there are a group of owners talking about stripping the ownership from Jerry Jones IF he continues on his rant on the contract extension, and if he files law suits.

    Now, PFT is reporting they talked to one owner, and he states the worst Jerry will get is a fine.

    But....this all means that yes Jerry IS on thin ice and has ticked off other Millionaires.

    Can't wait to see how this continues....

    : popcorn:
  12. jjtweeks

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    nothing is true anymore, paper, news, whatever, it's all a joke
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  13. Phicinfan

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    Now for Supposedly now Jerry Jones has requested a special meeting of the committee for him to come in and see where negotiations have gone to. Per one source(unknown owner) he was denied this. But lets wait and see what happens.

    Somewhere deep down, Goodell must be loving this.
  14. Remote Controller

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    This topic fits right in with "The State of the NFL".
  15. mudloggerone

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  16. mudloggerone

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    Jerry Jones reportedly requests a special NFL owners meeting to discuss Goodell
  17. Phicinfan

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    Oh good grief, by reports from ESPN he literally threatened Goodell to his face. I am thinking the removal clause is getting closer and closer
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