How did you do this year?

Discussion in 'Outlaw NFL Fantasy Football' started by ExperiencedRookie, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. ExperiencedRookie

    ExperiencedRookie Well-Known Member

    9 leagues for me. 2 championships, and a runner up. The runner up was 100% the best team in the league too. Lost Rodgers and Antonio Brown right in clutch time. Should've been a 3rd title.

    Either way, one of the few years I've ever profited playing FF.
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  2. Phicinfan

    Phicinfan Expert on nothing, opinionated on everything Administrator

    I was in 6 leagues.

    Got runner up in HG, Sucked in Desperados, but I have wheeled and dealed to get a ton of picks for next year
    Sucked in IBL again, but go figure won all my playoff matches....too little too late
    Came in Fourth in PFL, which I have to say is one of the funnest leagues here, with some of the ahem "characters" in that league :D
    Came in last or near last in the NFL league that Mud also runs.
    Helped AD get our team to runner up in HAFAX!
    and in my local league came in 3rd after my team got killed by teams pulling players or injuries.

    So not too awful bad, and in 3 leagues on this site, I am stacked for next year to try and do things :D
  3. German CTL

    German CTL Circle City Outlaw

    Played in 2 local money leagues with a bunch of old buddies.

    Won a championship in one of them despite losing David Johnson.

    Made the playoffs in the other but got bumped in the first round.

    I did an MFL10 and got second place so I get a free entry next year!

    Played a bit of DFS cash games and wound up in the green when all was said and done.

    Pretty good fantasy season all in all.. kinda burned out at this point tho
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  4. mudloggerone

    mudloggerone Outlaw Administrator

    2 leagues, high scorer and top seed in both. 3rd place finishes in each of them. :mad:
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  5. cctekguy

    cctekguy Staff Member

    You finished 4th in PFL, thank you. :p

    Remember that 3 pts you couldn't get from Alshon?
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  6. mudloggerone

    mudloggerone Outlaw Administrator

    OH yeah, forgot about Jeffrey's zero when 3 would have won it for me.
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  7. Deacon

    Deacon Bacon=greatest of all!

    Played in 4 leagues this year. Won the champ. in 2 of them so %50 is not bad. One league I won I was undefeated and the top scorer by more than 600 pts. In fact my team was so dominant that it was week 6 before any other team scored higher than my lowest score. It was a format thing. This league had these positions: QB,WR,WR,RB,RB,FLEX,FLEX,FLEX,K,DEF.

    So during the draft while the other managers were drafting TE and other WR I was loading up on RBs and I started 5 every week. My first 3 picks were L. McCoy, Lamar Miller, and T. Gurley and I still managed to get Keenan Allen, Jarvis Landry and M. Crabtree as WRs in the draft. I picked up Kamara and K. Drake off waivers. Picked up Deshon Foster who was balling until injury, replaced him by picking up Goff. Picked up Robbie Anderson who was balling while Crabtree was struggling so didn't miss a beat.

    I never had a TE on my squad while everyone else was trying to fit one in somehow. I think the other mangers will catch on and it will be different next year but I enjoyed the domination this year.

    Oh, and it was a 10 team league.
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  8. jjtweeks

    jjtweeks Moderator

    3 leagues. hired guns after 4 years am still getting used to the outrageous amount of players you get to have and the silly loopholes:eek: but won 5 games with being by far the lowest scorer. plf league which is the bomb I finished second highest scorer with 7-7 record and just missed the playoffs. Other league I have been it 10 years I finished highest scorer but with 6-7 record, just made 6th seed for playoffs and finished 3rd for $300(150 entry) so not a bad year scoring wise but maybe coaching could be better in all
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  9. efactor

    efactor Coming at you

    -Won my redraft league (money)
    -2nd in my auction (money). Lost by 3 points to the Gurley team. Fitz almost pulled it out for me
    -Horrible in both my 5 keeper leagues (money), but got a ton of picks for next year in one of them
    -Finished top 5 in IBL

    Felt good about the season overall. Saw the writing on the wall early in one of my keepers and purged my mid line players for a bunch of good draft picks. Hung in too long in my other keeper (Shula) and will now have to rebuild. I won that league last year with a really crappy team and thought I could pull off the magic again. A little delusional there ;)
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  10. JScott

    JScott Administrator

    Won PFL and for those former FFTers, CHIMICHANGA.
    Biggest disappointment was not winning Desperado in it's inaugural season.
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  11. MongerKhan

    MongerKhan TXL: Pimp Hand Strong Staff Member Moderator




    The end.

    If there was a good player that got injured he was likely my best player.

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