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    Props to Cam on his apology. It was unscripted, off the cuff, and genuinely heartfelt. If he had rolled out there with some BS apology that he didn't mean just to save face, I'd have respected him less.

    I've got more respect for someone who sticks by their guns. If you're not sorry, don't apologize.

    Like this lady for example. Someone digs up old shit on her, and she jumps out with an apology. We know you're not sorry! That's old shit! You probably don't even remember it! And frankly, she has nothing to apologize for. Saying the N bomb doesn't equal being a racist! She wasn't even referencing anyone of color. This is like someone deciding that "cheetah" is now a racist term for blacks cause their fast. If you say "cheetah" while observing the cats at the zoo, you're now a racist. WTF??
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  2. Rocket

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    Now you're insulting Usain Bolt!

    It's all in the culture.

    Cultural awareness that flipping the Middle finger to a co-worker can in fact cost you your job.

    It's only a finger next to the index.

    Article in Wash Free Beacon talks about journalism and its downfall.

    "What passes for news today is speculation and advocacy, wishful thinking and self-fashioning, mindless jabber and affirmations of virtue, removed from objective reality and common sense. The content is intended not for the public but for other media."

    Journalist and CNN do it to show to other journalist. It's not for public consumption.
    Public knows what's going on.

    They don't realize the joke is on them. Sad.

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  3. Miller

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    Any of you with kids in HS or College should make your kids take the 1 sec and read this...yes...same thing they have heard a million times and ignore...they can't hear it enough! The hiring community WILL look at your web profile and some companies are using technology that makes them damn good at using it.
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  4. Miller

    Miller Who Dey Administrator

    As far as Cam....just an ignorant comment for someone in his position. Yes...he apologized, great for him, what choice did he have? He should NEVER have put himself in that position, just no need. He needs to be smarter than that.
  5. Remote Controller

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    I never figured out what her tweets a few years back had to do with the question she asked?????? Her question wasn't racist at all. I was a legit question about Funchess stepping up and if that was good news for Cam.

    Cam was being Cam........flashing a smile and being extremely arrogant.
  6. Remote Controller

    Remote Controller Well-Known Member

    The conversation later is the one I'd like to hear about.
  7. ExperiencedRookie

    ExperiencedRookie Well-Known Member

    Her 5 year old tweets mean EVERYTHING to the Cam supporters.

    She's not perfect. She's a racist. Now, he's allowed to condescend to her since she is a worse person than him.
  8. Rocket

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    Tweets a few years back have nothing to do what she asked. It only matters in the context of whether the media cartel (aka lamestream media) has the hypocrisy to state that she's a "victim." Obviously, she's a good reporter, and she should just brush off (read: easily offended?). She can't go around claiming misogynist, when she was running around tweeting racist comments herself. The two don't have to jive; people just want to see/know the person in context of the incident.

    Cam is an idiot and he's paying for it, whether that'd be effect on his two daughters or Dannon, just because he doesn't seem to do well in press conference (IMO) Take a look at SB press. And in this one he got off mouthing about how women knowledgeable about running routes.
  9. ExperiencedRookie

    ExperiencedRookie Well-Known Member

    To be fair, she didn't say anything racist.

    She laughed at racist jokes. Who hasn't?

    She called a white person the N bomb. How is that racist?
  10. Rocket

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    ESPN reporter nails it. Welcome to the human race, everyone!

    Samantha Ponder's take on Cam Newton:

    Bam. Best quote I've read in ages. Ages.

    People just don't make sense nowadays.

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  11. MongerKhan

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    Yeah but she's white so who cares
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  12. MongerKhan

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    And this new Ezekiel Elliott news is going to push Newton stuff out of the Limelight.

    Couldn't have come at a better time for him
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