private messages, they are now called "conversations"


You will no longer see a link to private messages anymore, but you will see a link to what is called "conversations".

thesr have replaced private messages, and you will find all of them in your "inbox".

They are like private messages on steroids. You can now have more than two people in a conversation, which can be particularly helpful in league discussions.


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It says you can add up to 5 people.
But on another XenForo forum, a couple months ago I had one going with 9 people when we had a top secret illegal humanitarian trucking mission to plan & execute. Is that an option you forgot to change, or was I only able to add more than 5 people because it started off with just 4, and I added the others later?

Anyway, ... whoever creates the conversation sees these two options. "Lock conversation" I think is kinda rude, unless you're a moderator who needs to bitch at an annoying, obnoxious troll or something. But the "allow anyone in the conversation to invite others" one is useful, and you can go back & change it later.
At the top of the conversation screen there's a link for "Edit conversation". You can go in and change these two options above, or change the title of the conversation.