Pick 1 WR for Week 8


I don't see how you can pick the #3 WR for Chicago over the the #2 for the Saints. Maybe just me, though.
Well here's the reasons my friend. The #1 in Chicago is banged up and very questionable to play. If he does play he's likely to be mostly ineffective. The Saints are on the road. Yeah they have great reasons to be pumped about playing the Vikes but it's on the road. Brees hasn't been very good on the road for years. The Saints are going to try to run the ball this game. It probably won't work so well but if it does they'll be eating up clock on the ground at every turn. Thus far Smith has played the Ginn role. 3 or so targets per game stretching the field and that's it. Now when they connect on those long throws it is sweet but on the road Brees isn't as accurate as at home. These are the reasons I didn't pick Tre'Quan as my answer. I hope I'm wrong because I'll be starting him this week. I hope I'm real wrong.