NFL QB situations, and what could or could not happen


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Well, we are coming to the end of 2022/2023 season, and its time before the draft to see what the QB situation is:

AFC East:
- Josh Allen - nuff said
New England - Mac Jones - had a pretty solid first year, then digressed some this year. But with O'Brien back as OC, I think he is safe for now.
Miami - Tua Tagovailoa - injury history and lately concussion history is scary. My gut says they will stay with him, but go out and pay for better back up protection.
NY Jets - Zach Wilson, Mike White and......? - Zach is NOT safe as a starter, the team has made that clear. I am also not convinced the team will stick with White, who is an FA this year - my gut says they go after one of the top FA's and try to secure this

AFC North:
- Joe Burrow - nuff said
Baltimore - Lamar Jackson - if the team gets it way they sign him to a big money but not fully guaranteed deal, or FT him. The key will be - Lamar signing a not fully guaranteed deal, or saying he won't play on FT. If that is the case, I see them tagging him and trading him. But for now will say he is staying put.
Pittsburgh - Kenny Pickett - I think they roll with this kid again, and let him continue to develop.
Cleveland - Deshaun Watson - for good or for ill, they are all in here. Have no choice

AFC South:
- Trevor Lawrence - nuff said
Tennessee - Ryan Tannehill - I think they are ready to move on from Tannehill, but not ready to live with Malik Willis. Do they draft one(not a good spot to do so), or do they instead make a move on a Brady or Carr or some other FA?
Indianapolis - Matt Ryan? - Ryan is done. Gut tells me he is cut or retires. Either way they will draft a QB at #4 or make a play for Carr(which I think would be a good fit).
Houston - Miles Davis? - Nope. I think they keep Davis as support, but they will draft the next QB in Houston at #2. I have heard rumors of Carr there as well, but the irony would be too much as his brother's career was ruined by his time in Houston.

AFC West:
Kansas City
- Patrick Mahomes - nuff said
Los Angeles Chargers - Justin Herbert - nuff said
Denver - Russell Wilson - they have no choice, they are tied to him like a ball and chain
Las Vegas - Derek Carr - this has gone totally bad, and can't see team keeping Carr. Carr has a no trade clause, so they will have to work with him on location. This was really poorly handled. McDaniels better not screw this next step up. Oh, rumors flying this is where Brady will end up.


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Now we move to the NFC and the QB look:
NFC East:
- Jalen Hurts - nuff said
Dallas - Dak Prescott - not what they hoped, but his contract is tied up this year
NY Giants - Daniel Jones - he is an FA, but all reports are they want him back. I could see them sign him to friendlier deal, and then draft for future. Or just FT him. But either way he will be back is my guess.
Washington - Heinicke, Wentz - neither is the real starter, so look for the Commanders to make a HUGE push for Carr or some other FA, not sure their draft slot is low enough to get one of the top QB draft prospects. Sam Howell who they drafted last year may get a shot to compete.

NFC North:
- Kirk Cousins - He is safe, they have over $40 million in dead cap money if they move on. He might be gone after this year though.
Green Bay - Aaron Rodgers - here we go again folks...., He will probably play, but not convinced he will stay in Green Bay. Contract will hinder a trade, but there are some teams out there with the cap space. Jordan Love will take over if Rodgers is gone.
Detroit - Jared Goff - he is safe, due to contract. He is also UFA after this year. He showed he could win, and Detroit isn't going to the Superbowl yet. But I would not be shocked to see them draft a QB this year.
Chicago - Justin Fields - Safe...... but...... - look, they have the #1 draft pick. They have IMO, three options. 1) trade pick for multiple picks to a QB hungry team, 2) Trade Fields for picks and take a QB this year to keep cost of cap down, 3) Draft BPA and continue to address needs. They should trade the pick which gets them more value IMO.

NFC South:
Tampa Bay
- Tom Brady - Brady is a FA this year, and expectations are they move on from him. Back ups right now are Blaine Gabbert and Kyle Trask. I look for Tampa to nab a top FA, not sure who that will be. Trask hasn't really showed to be ready yet.
Atlanta - Desmond Ridder - Mariota made it clear he wants out, Ridder showed some flashes, not sure how team feels about him. I have seen rumors of Tannehill here(HC was his old OC in Tenn.) and also Lamar Jackson(which I don't think happens). Could draft a young QB as well.
Carolina - Sam Darnold? - Darnold is a FA, Matt Corral was drafted later last year, and hurt, P.J. Walker has shown he is back up material only. Do they draft or do they sign a FA? Not sure but I see someone new here this year.
New Orleans - Jameis Winston? - No way. They purposely went with Dalton all year after early injury. My guess is they draft or move to get big FA QB here. This team is not that far away, and the Defense is solid. OL is okay, but they may be without Alvin Kamara if he gets suspended.

NFC West:
San Francisco
- Lance, Purdy - what a great situation to have here. Let the two youngsters compete, and let the best man win. I can see them using both at times to take advantage of Lance's abilities. I could see them also trading one of them for more picks and to reduce cap, but why risk such an important roster spot?
Seattle - Geno Smith - This one befuddles me. He played relatively well, and could be maintained as starter this year, as they draft and develop a young QB for the future. They have the WRs, and RBs to protect him, as well as improved the O-line. I would rather see them use their picks to fix the Defense and leave Geno alone.
Los Angeles Rams - Matthew Stafford - IF he is healthy he is in, due to contract. I also could see him retire. Just have to wait and see. Regardless, they need to get a developmental QB in here behind Stafford
Arizona - Kyler Murray - like it or not they are married to him. Hoping they can find a solid HC and OC that can use his talents but keep him safe, as he can be fragile.


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Top QB Free Agents next year:(before FT's can be placed)
Lamar Jackson
Daniel Jones
Tom Brady
Jimmy Garoppolo
Geno Smith
Sam Darnold
Baker Mayfield
Taylor Heinicke
Teddy Bridgewater
Jacoby Brissett
Andy Dalton
Jarrett Stidham
Gardner Minshew
Blaine Gabbert
Drew Lock
Joe Flacco
Mason Rudolph
and a few assorted more


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Top QBs in this draft, in no specific order:
Bryce Young Alabama
C.J. Stroud Ohio State
Will Levis Kentucky
Anthony Richardson Florida
Hendon Hooker Tennessee
Lower rated:
Jaren Hall BYU
Stetson Bennett Georgia
Tanner McKee Stanford
Max Duggan TCU
Jake Haener Fresno State