NFL - HC and GM hot seat


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Okay folks, some thing have happened already - but lets see who's also got a hot seat.....

AFC East
- No issues here, team has been spectacular since moves were last made
New England - Still need to address GM I believe, but Bellichick isn't going anywhere
NY Jets - I have to believe Gase is a goner. GM is still new, and may be given some room to fix team.
Miami - Safe - team really loves playing for HC and they look good at times.

AFC North
- Safe, they are doing great and HC and GM know how best to get what they need
Pittsburgh - Safe - I would have bet HC was a goner - but team is doing well so far.
Cleveland - Safe - who knows next year, but this year team is competitive
Cincinnati - GM doesn't really exist - but HC to me is on a warm seat. He really hasn't gotten team to go above and beyond, but they do have a beaten up franchise Qb.

AFC South
- Team is playing great, and made the move to fix Qb issues with long term deal for Tannehill.
Houston - O'Brien has been fired as HC and GM - team will hire GM first, then HC - interim HC won't get job IMO. Crennel is NOT HC material as he has proven.
Indianapolis - Safe for now , but they really need long term fix at Qb
Jacksonville - This is a fire sale, and HC and probably GM will be gone. Time for real change in Jaguar land other than cutting high priced players

AFC West
Kansas City
- Safe and just recently extended I believe
Las Vegas - Uh oh folks, Chucky getting some wins against KC!!
Denver - safe for now, injuries have killed this team, but seat is getting warm for HC
LA Chargers - going to say it now, Lynn is popular - but he has got to be winning more than he is - saying this seat is very warm.


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Now for the NFC

NFC East
- Well GM is owner so......, and he sucks but he IS the owner.... HC is new, so will say he is safe, loss of Prescott is a great excuse as well
Philadelphia - Safe for now, but team needs something to get it out of funk. Wrs drop like flies, so maybe new trainers?
NY Giants - Safe for now, Judge is just getting started, and team is playing hard for him. Big decision on draft next year and Daniel Jones....
Washington - Rivera has a lot of latitude as he is running the team and culture change. Gonna say he is safe - but Qb will be issue here as well.

NFC North
Green Bay
- safe
Minnesota - Zimmer just got extended, so will say safe, but me thinks things getting warm here....
Detroit - He is a goner IMO. Team is not playing that great, and HC seems lost during games.
Chicago - team is playing well this year, but Qb decisions may be the downfall of both.

NFC South
New Orleans
- Safe
Tampa Bay - Safe
Carolina - Safe
Atlanta - GONE - GM and HC are gone - not surprising as this team constantly disappoints.

NFC West
- Safe - but have heard rumors he may retire in a year or so...
LA Rams - Safe - but he to me has to really produce soon.
San Francisco - Safe - but he has to address Qb - Garp is not the Qb they thought, and while back ups are solid - not game winners.
Arizona - Safe - but teams will figure out Murray eventually, so he has to get some OL and D help soon.


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The Bears are an interesting situation. The QB situation has been a fail but that is on the GM more than the coach. While they have won 4 games so far they look more like an 8-8 team beating up on an early season weak schedule on the most part. Note that the win over the Bucs could be a big factor in playoff tie breakers.

Nagy himself has some good and bad. His play calling has been very questionable where he can't seem to get a run game going and gives up on it. Now is that the talent and offensive line or his schemes and play calling? On the positive side, he has done well with what he has to work with, the team doesn't give up and he made a ballsy (and correct) move benching Mitch.

Pace is really on thin ice as he has been sub par in the draft, free agency and cap management. They need to make a wild card at least for him to save his job. Even at 4-1, this feels like an mediocre level team. They will be in a dog fight for the wild card with key games against their competitors for the wild card still on their schedule - Carolina, New Orleans and the Rams. Need to go 2-1 in these games.

My guess reviewing the schedule is that they finish 9-7 and win a tie breaker to sneak in.

Seahawks, Packers and Cowboys are locks + whomever wins the NFC south in a 3 team race. (Assume the Saints win division)

The remaining 3 playoff teams will come from: Rams, Cardinals, Bucs, Panthers and the Bears. The head to head games will decide it.