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Hmm.. happen to be a rather fortunate 2-1 in one of my two main leagues. Could easily be 0-3 and probably deserve to be 1-2. Anyway my early picks looking at you David Johnson and Keenan Allen and Davante Adams have not performed, but have some decent depth. Makes it pretty rough to fill out my lineup each week.

I need to play 3 of the following with at least one being an RB and one being a WR. This is assuming I'm going to keep putting my first aforementioned first 3 picks out there and hope they perform.

Options are

Alex Collins (Buck Allen [emoji852] on my nerves)
Kerryon Johnson
Mike Williams
Geronimo Allison
Kenny Stills
OJ Howard

Also I've been rolling with Fitzmagic over Wilson who I drafted, but this week gives me some pause with Tampa Bay being at Chicago, and the d has looked strong. Still hard to bench him after the start he has had. Wilson hasn't looked great the last two weeks but was good week 1. Ppr league.

At this point I am leaning

Alex Collins
Mike Williams

Then the third one is tough slightly toward Kenny Stills I guess.

Johnson was impressive against the Pats but he has yet to get a TD, though 100 yards is good for a decent bonus if he replicates last weeks performance.

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okay tough choices..
I think one Rb should be K. Johnson - no TDs but his carries and yardage continues to grow, and Dallas D is not good
Ravens and Steelers does seem like a solid play though


well if you have to choose one rb I still say K.Johnson, just because if Pittsburgh can run up pts, Collins will lose out to Buck Allen
Wr - Mike Williams - 49ers are hurting bad right now
Extra - I really like OJ howard at Te vs. Bengals and they are notoriously bad against Tes.


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sorry, not sure what week I looked at, still like Howard though, as Fitz will throw fast to avoid the pressure.