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  1. Beermutts

    Desean Watson out?

    Ford might get 25 touches today and Ravens just got torched by Moss last week. Keep Ford in
  2. Beermutts

    2023 NFL Draft discussion thread

    No Wr's gone yet, Ravens need picks. Could see KC trade up for JSN?
  3. Beermutts

    2022 NFL coaching hot seat discussion

    and I thought Greg Roman was a moron...WOW! That was inexcuseable
  4. Beermutts

    Bateman a drop?

    Depending on roster I would say Bateman can be dropped.
  5. Beermutts

    NFL News, Rumors week 1 In/Out

    Nothing Nothing, he will play. He is signed this year and could get tagged the following year. Because he doesnt have an agent he set a deadline before week 1 so he can focus on footbsall
  6. Beermutts

    2022 NFL Draft discussions

    Ravens don't want to pay for a WR. I don't see them giving up one of those players and paying Samuel 25 million a year.
  7. Beermutts

    2022 NFL Draft discussions

    I was just typing the same
  8. Beermutts

    2022 NFL Draft discussions

    picks are flyin in!
  9. Beermutts

    NFL News, rumors and updates - post combine, pre-draft thread

    better not be a Ravens home game
  10. Beermutts

    Phicinfan's 1st Mock Draft for 2022

    Great Job Phicinfan! I have seen Davis to the Ravens alot but in this draft here I like Jermaine Johnson or Charles Cross before him..... They have no pass rush at all and who knows if Ronnie Stanley will ever be healthy again
  11. Beermutts

    Saturday games... Tuesday games

    Play Mooney and then decide on either Smith/McLaurin..... Vikes cut one of their starting CB and they arent that good against the pass to begin with
  12. Beermutts

    Anyone playing dfs?

    I play on FanDuel and mostly just pick a 1:00 game and 4:00 game and play for $1. Last week won $45. If I ever get up past 100 I might start putting more lineups up.
  13. Beermutts

    Anyone playing dfs?

    I do but not very good at it
  14. Beermutts

    2021 NFL News, Rumors, In/Out Draft day and post NFL Draft
  15. Beermutts

    NFL 2020 Wild Card weekend - in/out - news and rumors

    Starting QB, best defensive player in football and now Kupp limping back to locker room. Green Bay is next? At least they got 1 win this post season
  16. Beermutts

    2020 news, rumors Camp thread - season to start in one month or so

    Vikings acquired DE Yannick Ngakoue from the Jaguars for a second-round pick and a conditional 2022 fifth-round pick.
  17. Beermutts

    2020 NFL Draft - round 1 discussion

    Kings of the North add a Queen!!