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    The Lineup Doctor 2012

    Powell @ Minn or Hardesty @ IND?? Standard scoring .5 ppr
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    Ryan Williams RB Cardinals out for the year

    The LHS was lerod Stevens Howling not Leshoure. Decided to stay away from all now I got the #1 WW..
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    TE Finley has a "slightly" dislocated AC Joint

    At least now you wont feel so bad sitting him on your bench, what a disappointment..
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    Kenny Britt prctices in full today

    Hes on my bench and that is probably where he stays unless someone on my team dies or he has a huge game and I can package him in a trade... Im starting A Hawkins over him this week..
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    Skins set to release K Cundiff after signing K Kai Forbath

    He knew it as soon as he missed that kick!!!
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    Week 6 Always play your studs??

    Injuries are one thing but some of these guys just havent shown up!
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    Bucs WR Vincent Jackson is no PPR monster.

    LOL glad you guys said it BIG PLAY guy all day never been a PPR giant.
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    Grade the trade

    WOW the other guy must be stacked because you robbed his @ss in my opinion.. the only starter you gave up was Julio and gained PURPLE JESUS and 2 explosive WRs QB situation is iffy but Rivers is on the rise with Matthews back. Great trade your record should improve!!
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    Week 6 Always play your studs??

    OUCH JJ I think you get the prize.. Pettigrew has been god awful but I have had some surprises that have covered my woes of the early weeks. Not on my team but Jennings, CJ2K, Newton, all of PHI except McCoy, Finley, Sproles, Greene have all been pretty god awful considering their ADP.
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    Ryan Williams RB Cardinals out for the year

    bell, Powell, LSH and Alex green are on Waivers whos the best option going forward, I was thinking Powell. Detroit is crowded and Best is due back Shortly. Kuhn and Rodgers are pretty much the goalline backs for Greenbay and the way things have been going for them think they will just go back...
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    Hakeem Nicks may return for week 6

    If you own Nicks you know he is Questionable before every game since his damn rookie season.. If hes good you gotta play him if not hopefully you planned for it!!
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    Packers depth chart @ RB after losing Benson

    Dont know if I should grab green or pick up Powell or LSH from the Az backfield, since Kuhn or Rodgers is going to steal all the TDs anyway!!
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    Chicago WR Alshon Jeffery mayl need 4-to-6 weeks to recover fron hand injury

    They should be fine although it looked like he was just starting to break out as long as Bennett can hold onto the ball they should be fine..
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    Brees on bye

    I would think SanFran would try and run the ball to keep the Giants off the field. On the other hand which Kolb are we going to get on Sunday?? AZ back at home think that Defense is going to be fired up... All that said I think Kolb has the highest ceiling but Smith is the safest play..
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    Anything new I aint heard **** fell asleep!!
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    Week TFour NFL Inactive Players

    Spiller and F Jax both active....
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    LMAO tek probably forgot all about the speedster..
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    Ramses Barden

    Agreed with Miller, especially with Nicks always with the big Q...Good trade bait for Nicks owners!!
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    Have to start one of em its all I really have unless I grab Choice depending on Jackson/Spiller or L Miller depending on Bush.
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    NYG WR Hakeem Nicks Doubtful Week 4: out

    LOL MIller grab Andre Hawkins on your Bengals for this week