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  1. Rotarran9116

    LSU to hire….

    Aggy sucks. Came here just to say that.
  2. Rotarran9116

    Worst Threads in History

    There is a guy on OB right now convinced Herman lost to Maryland on purpose. Jesus H Christ
  3. Rotarran9116

    Texas Longhorns

    Orangebloods was a nightmare after Maryland but the fan base is tired. He will get it done
  4. Rotarran9116

    Sarges Hot Takes Week 1-2

    I don't think Ed is a long term solution but he's got LSU going in the right direction. BYU was annihilated
  5. Rotarran9116

    Sarges Hot Takes Week 1-2

    Who is going to beat Alabama? For all the talk out there of that two deep having holes they mauled FSU and could have beaten Fresno by a lot more. Hurts has found his stride and no one in the SEC can stop them. I don't know what to make of Maryland two weeks in but they are 2-0 and looked good...
  6. Rotarran9116

    Texas Longhorns

    Few hot takes: Still excited about the future with Herman. Post Maryland was rough to watch. I think its really sunk in just how much he has ahead of him to rebuild the roster. I do not expect Shane Buechele to be playing by mid 2018. Ehliger and the two current commits are Herman/Beck QBs...
  7. Rotarran9116


    The football Gods will eventually exact a penance.
  8. Rotarran9116

    What is going on in KC??? And or KFC???

    As long as KFC's gravy has the addictive qualities of crack, KFC will never die.