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  1. MongerKhan

    So im posting this here because...

    It fits. Cardinals DB Josh Shaw suspended through the conclusion of the 2020 NFL season for... Betting on NFL football games. He is currently on IR.
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    Going for a first round bye

    I am very seldomly a visitor of this section to ask for advice but I'm lost on this one. Full point PPR. Bonuses for 40 yrd catch 6 per td 1 for every ten yards receiving
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    Week 13 NFL In, out, and other injury news

    In the absence of our friendly neighborhood mud logger I'll post it. The Cincinnati Bengals have seen enough of the rookie and are going back to Andy Dalton this week
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    Kaepernick work out thoughts

    So after his temper tantrum he is currently holding his live work out an hour away from the Falcons facility and I've been watching it for roughly 30 minutes. My takeaways: Dude looks lazy, uninspired, and like he don't wanna be there. Throws: same stuff as 3 years ago. Can hit short and low...
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    Tank for Tua just went to absolute hell..

    Tank for Tua just took a turn... During Alabama’s 38-7 victory over Mississippi State on Saturday, QB Tua Tagovailoa suffered what is now being called a “serious hip injury.” Not only was Tua carted off the field, he was also airlifted to a hospital due to the severity of the injury. Early...
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    I know its a dollar...

    I played these free Yahoo cup weekly games all of last year and this year and this is the best I've ever finished. I'll take my dollar against 200k+ entries
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    Thielen gets spicy post game

    So Adam Thielen basically called out Kirk Cousins saying that he has to be able to hit, and I'm summarizing here, all the throws he needs to hit. Also calls out the play calling, saying that they can't be a run-first team because you can't have a 180 yard running back performance every week...
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    Former Texas Longhorn and Chicago Bears RB dead

    Former Texas Longhorns great and Chicago Bears running back Cedric Benson was killed this morning in a motorcycle accident in Austin. RIP
  9. MongerKhan

    Patriots owner Robert Kraft likes his hookers

    Will post story Robert Kraft, Patriots owner, facing charge of soliciting another to commit prostitution
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    2019 NFL Off Season Signing Tracker

    The only reason I'm starting this now is because Larry Fitzgerald re-signed with the Cardinals for 1 year.
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    NFL Draft news

    So the breaking news this morning is at the Oakland Athletics are fully expecting Kyler Murray to declare for the NFL draft by Sunday's deadline. The interesting part in all this is that the Arizona Cardinals and Kliff Kingsbury are already looking like if he does declare they are planning to...
  12. MongerKhan

    Titans vs Jags

    Every member of Jacksonville's defense should instantly retire from football because of the Run Derrick Henry just had. 99 yards and he absolutely abused everyone that tried to tackle him. How embarrassing.
  13. MongerKhan

    Urban Meyer "retires"

    Apparently his last game at Ohio State is going to be the Rose Bowl. Nobody believes that he's done coaching all together, most people believe this stems from the very bad relationship over his 3 game suspension.
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    NFL coaching carousel 2019 Edition

    Obviously Cleveland has already fired their head coach. The Packers have fired Mike McCarthy.
  15. MongerKhan

    Saints cowgirls

    I created an entire thread for this. Eli Apple is and always will be ABSOLUTE TRASH
  16. MongerKhan

    NFL 2018, Week 13: In or Out and other news

    Melvin Gordon diagnosed with a grade 2 MCL sprain. Out the next couple weeks but should return by the end of the season. Fantasy owners in unison now..1...2..3..SH*T!!!!!
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    NFL 2018, Week 11: In or Out and other news

    Sorry Mud I didn't mean to steal your thread but this is worth it.. Rather than continuing to play for the Oakland Raiders Jordy Nelson is expected to retire
  18. MongerKhan

    Coaching news 2k18/19

    Since there's already been a rash of changes I'm starting this thread early. And today's latest announcement The Cincinnati Bengals have relieved their defensive coordinator of his duties
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    So I just tried to get on SO on the first click and it kicked me to an error message on the cloudFair website. Not sure if this is an issue you need to look into but I definitely thought it was odd but it's only the second time I've ever seen it in 11 years.
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