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  1. The Bandon Boy

    Little help

    CeeDee Lamb going against Seattle who's D isn't very good or Diggs who might have Ramsey on him all day.?
  2. The Bandon Boy

    Which one?

    PPR league. Pick one Cohen, Latavius Murray or JK Dobbins? Cohen hasn't done jack this year. Think Murray gets more carries against GB. Dobbins is the wildcard to me. Think Balt. runs the ball a ton to keep it away from Mahomes.
  3. The Bandon Boy


    Ok do I start Chris Thompson or JuJu Smith for my flex spot in a ppr league. The weather is supposed to be horrible for the Pittsburgh game against the Browns. Kinda scared about that and am leaning towards Thompson. Thoughts ?
  4. The Bandon Boy

    Trade advice?

    I'm in a ppr 8 team keeper league. The rules in the league are you lose your draft pick for the round each player was drafted. I've been offered Mark Ingram and Marvin Jones for Joe Mixon and Martavis Bryant. Ingram is a 4th rd keeper and Mixon is a 2nd rd keeper. Jones and Bryant are both...
  5. The Bandon Boy

    What to do?

    I'm in a ppr and league and have OBJ. Do I start him or go with Tyrell Williams. Since OBJ plays Monday I wouldn't be able to switch him out if he ends up not playing and have to take a 0. Thoughts?
  6. The Bandon Boy

    Ezekiel Elliott

    A suspect in domestic violence. He says he didn't do it but guess we will see what happens.
  7. The Bandon Boy


    Getting ready to do a rookie draft in a dynasty league. Standard scoring. I have picks 1.1,1.2,1.4,1.5 (yes I sucked last year made trades looking to this year) so my first 2 picks was going with Cooper and either Gurley or Gordon. Which rb should I take. I have Andre Williams rb Danny Woodhead...
  8. The Bandon Boy


    So in a dynasty league and have the first ww pick is it ok if another team contacts me and says he will trade me a 4th rd pick in the upcoming draft and I select his guy and trade him to that team for the 4th rd pick. Is it ok to do this. Would like to hear from you guys on this matter. Thanks
  9. The Bandon Boy

    Draft question?

    I'm in a dynasty league and have the first pick of the draft. It's rookies only. So who would you guys take number one this year?