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  1. cctekguy

    2021 NFL Draft

    As for Jets, Etienne or or that freak WR from Alabama would add play makers to very weak positions. Insurance at QB can be had in the 3rd or later. Maybe that Oregon OT Penei Sewell.
  2. cctekguy

    2021 NFL Draft

    Long before the draft, NE needs to put Haskins on their roster. He could already be considered the best QB on the team. After Beli fixes him.
  3. cctekguy

    2021 NFL Draft

    I read 2021 mock draft today. Lots confused me. They show the Jets taking QB at 2nd overall. Jets don't need a QB....not AT 2nd. Darnell hasn't been given any kind of a fair shake. Pick up a QB later and pick towards your needs. (RB, WR, etc.) They had Etienne going 26th to Tampa Bay. Seen...
  4. cctekguy

    Week 15 start/sit decisions

    Is Reagor ready to start over Higgens or Knox? ?
  5. cctekguy

    NFL 2020 - week 10 in/out and other news

    Carson and Hyde both OUT.
  6. cctekguy

    Which one?

    Brown ;)
  7. cctekguy

    2020 post draft FA moves and roster moves - and other news and rumors

    It's been my fear all along. ☠ I guess since you already funded the league, you want my dues anyway. 🤨 Meh...What's a few bucks between friends. I'll send mine soon. 🙃
  8. cctekguy

    2020 NFL Draft - round 1 discussion

    good thought E
  9. cctekguy

    2020 NFL Draft - round 1 discussion

    I couldn't help but notice how beautiful the homes were of these "poor, inner city" kids. I guess their parents found a way to "break out" from poverty cuz we KNOW they don't pay amateur athletes.
  10. cctekguy

    2020 NFL Draft - round 1 discussion

    I'm very happy with the Saints pick.
  11. cctekguy

    2020 NFL Draft - round 1 discussion

    Jerry Jones is an idiot.
  12. cctekguy

    2020 NFL Draft - round 1 discussion

    Where's all those LSU picks Mud was bragging about? Burrow then zzzzzzzz Lots of Crimson Tide and THE Ohio State.
  13. cctekguy

    LeVeon Bell

    And Yes, it seems like a pretty steep price to move up 4 in the draft.
  14. cctekguy

    Phicinfan's 2020 Mock Draft 1 - the safer version

    I think Tua goes 2nd overall by whatever means necessary. Just a hunch.
  15. cctekguy

    2020 NFL FA signings and moves and other news

    So who is your new favorite team now? I know you won't stick with a loser. Maybe Denver, FINALLY. Get into the Homer groove, though they won't win the division for the next 15 years. ....there ya go! Jump on the Chiefs bandwagon. Andy Reid is a great coach and Mahomes is the next GOAT. Chiefs...
  16. cctekguy

    2020 Conference championship round news and who is in/out

    I'm not sure, but "Chicken Scratch" used to mean a small amount of money. Maybe Chicken means MORE money. Wonder what the egg is worth :confused:
  17. cctekguy

    2020 NCAA Title Game

    Clemson has the better QB AND Running back. LSU gets the nod at WR. Not sure how the O Line and defenses match up. Should be a great game. GO TIGERSES!
  18. cctekguy

    2020 NFL QB situations - pre- draft look - through post draft

    Miami must be one screwed up organization. Tannehill leaves and becomes "good" all of a sudden. Drake leaves and becomes good. Damien Williams leaves and becomes good. Minkah Fitzpatrick leaves and goes from good to GREAT. Parker becomes good under new head coach....Who am I missing? Point...
  19. cctekguy

    2019 NCAA Football- The Top Four- Who You Got

    Final comments on that "Other" targeting call: I've scoured the internet for some sort of comment on it. On the 29th, I found one web site that at least mentioned the defender's name but I can't remember and I can't find the page in my history. I re-watched the entirety of the game today and...