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  1. GFL Commissioner

    Adrian McPherson and Ahman Green join Montreal Alouettes

    Alouettes sign Adrian McPherson to extension - CFL - Yahoo! Canada Sports I bet more NFL players will be doing this if a CBA is not agreed upon!!! :grin:
  2. GFL Commissioner

    T-Minus One Month to Lockout

    Okay, today February 4th and the expectation is one month from now, the NFL may lockout the players. What your take on this? I really don't want to lose the draft, or any games. Both these sides need to come to some sort of resoloution fast. I think it's retarded that the owners and...
  3. GFL Commissioner

    No Cheerleaders at Super Bowl XLV

    This is really sad! For the first time, neither sideline will have cheerleaders as neither team has them throughout the season!!! What the hell am I going to look at!!! :drool: Damn it! LOL
  4. GFL Commissioner

    How is your FF league preparing for a possible lockout?

    Well, other than possible cancellation, anyone got any thoughts? Our league will still be able to conduct a draft, even if the NFL does not hold one. It is given to the fact that we have more than just NCAA players to select from. We also will have some current NFL players to pick from to...
  5. GFL Commissioner

    The Cowboys don't need a new coach, they need players!

    NFL Videos: Irvin calls out Cowboys I think Irvin is totally wrong here. Deion is right, the coach can't make the plays for you. The week before, three of Kitna's four picks were the receiver's fault!!! I am a die-hard Eagles fan, but even this too disgusting for me to watch such poor...
  6. GFL Commissioner

    5 Super Conferences

    I just recently read about this stuff for the 5 super conferences on the CBS Sports web site. I briefed over this and it soulds pretty good. They said it may even spell the end of the NCAA. It may get rid of that crappy BCS Bowl System and actually award it to a real National Champion that...
  7. GFL Commissioner

    Scott Sicko will take his ball and go home

    Seriously??? I'd take a contract! LMAO!
  8. GFL Commissioner

    I hate the talk fo relocation!

    I am sick and tired of hearing about how some teams may relocate. I hate relocation! I hated it the Browns moved to Baltimore. It sucks because then they would be having these issue because they would have had Ray Lewis and a decent team. I hated it when the Oilers moved to...
  9. GFL Commissioner

    Franchise Tag: Good or Bad?

    I don't know about you, but I am always reading about a player that is upset because he is tagged. Isn't that a good thing. The club is designating you with this tag 'franchise'. Your are a corner stone, a vital piece to their franchise. It will cost other clubs 2 first rounders and a lot of...