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  1. nicholete

    NFL Draft 2016 pick #2 - Philadelphia via trade with Cleveland

    and Eagles now have the 2nd pick.
  2. nicholete

    Former Saints DE Will Smith murdered

    So senseless. Very sad. Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk
  3. nicholete

    Martavius Bryant to miss 2016?

    Not be a wet blanket but just because you have talent and money doesn't mean your immune from depression. And usually when you are partaking in drugs and drinking you are usually doing so to medicate. I'm not saying that bryant is telling the truth but mental health doesn't care about your...
  4. nicholete

    2016 AFC Championship Game: Broncos/Patriots

    Tom was clearly rattled and never got into a groove or seem comfortable. They shut down Edelman amandola and gronk until late in the 4th quarter but it was to little to late. I loved it. Sent from my LGLK430 using Tapatalk
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    That was awful still haven't recovered. Sent from my LGLK430 using Tapatalk
  6. nicholete

    Rex Ryan is a clown

    I can't stand him!
  7. nicholete

    Here I go again

    Awww cute family. Congrats.
  8. nicholete

    Jessee Jackson wants Ray Rice to play

    You could have just called me scooter that would have done it. And I'm glad you knew i was kidding.
  9. nicholete

    2016 NFL Draft dates set

    And the draft will be in Chicago again. Super excited since i missed last year draft.
  10. nicholete

    2016 NFL Draft dates set

    They should do chicago again since I had to miss it this year.
  11. nicholete

    Antonio Gates Suspended

    Exactly more reason to know what is going into your system if know you could be tested.
  12. nicholete

    Antonio Gates Suspended

    Right so pay someone who does that for you. How come i manage not to put anything in body willing that i shouldn't but these guys can't. Again I'm not buying it at all.
  13. nicholete

    Antonio Gates Suspended

    I don't understand how these guys in sports because the same excuse is used in baseball not know what they are putting into their bodies? I know everything I put into my body and I'm this multi million dollar athlete. Its just a lame ass excuse and insulting that these guys actually try to say...
  14. nicholete

    Lael Vs. The Throat

    holy crap that is disgusting.
  15. nicholete

    Coach Norm

    I sent a message via messenger not everyone has it but i also didn't want to write on his wall A becasue I'm not friends with him and B i don't like putting personal stuff out their like that on facebook. What do you guys think? Should i post on his wall?
  16. nicholete

    Coach Norm

    I haven't heard back from the brother. I didn't think he would respond. I don't know what else i can do.
  17. nicholete

    Coach Norm

    So true. Every now and then I get a Florida call and i think what if that's norm. But norm always left me a vm i miss him i miss our talks. I'll reach out to his brother and report back. Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk
  18. nicholete

    Coach Norm

    I can try reaching out to his brother on facebook but i reported what i know the last time it was asked.
  19. nicholete

    Here I go again