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  1. Arctic Dawgs

    SO HAFAX team

    2 min warning and we are up by 1.8 pts
  2. Arctic Dawgs

    Here is a tough one

    Peterson is out for me, but do you start 2 RBs from the same team ?? Is a 16 team league
  3. Arctic Dawgs

    Rams trade Peters

    Marcus Peters to the Ravens for LB Young and a pick
  4. Arctic Dawgs

    Ramsey to the Rams

    2 1st's and a 4th
  5. Arctic Dawgs

    Anyone got some locks for points spreads

    I like to include a couple college games on my tickets to bump the payout up
  6. Arctic Dawgs

    Where would you rank Elliot right now ???

    Draft starts in 1/2 hrs in my son's 12 team PPR League. He has 2 or 3rd pick
  7. Arctic Dawgs

    WOW, Rookie Drafts

    I have spent the last couple days looking through IDP league Rookie Drafts. Wanting to get an ADP feeling before planning our Hafax teams draft in 6 weeks. All I can say is WOW. While the ADP seems close to my rankings, the individual drafts are all over the park. I am not talking about being...
  8. Arctic Dawgs

    Mostert SF RB 2019 Value ??

    We have a bit of room on our Hafax roster for a couple spots for next year. What are your opinions on Mostert. Other options I am lookin at grabbing are Ajayi, Edwards, and Dixon. Has to be done in next couple days or can't keep him for next year. Strictly looking at 2019 value
  9. Arctic Dawgs

    Anyone got any bets ATS today ??

    I mixed in Was -9.5, N.Dame -9.5, & Mich -10.5 with 6 NFL games on a couple tics. Don't really like the Mich spread but they are my fav team
  10. Arctic Dawgs

    Gurley should be investigated for Gambling

    He had to have been paid or had family that took the Pack to cover the spread. Running it in with a PA puts them up by 9 with virtually no time left and he takes a knee ??????? What was the spread ?? Prolly cost me a couple Hundred. Needed the Rams to win by 4+pts
  11. Arctic Dawgs

    Week 2 ATS - AD's Fav's

    Last week I took: Buf @ Bal - 7.5 Cin +2.5 @ Ind Jax -2.5 @ NYG Pit @ Cle +3.5 Dal @ Car -2.5 Sea @ Den -2.5 Won $125 on a $5 ticket. Gives me a $120 float to start with this season. Lets see how I do. All spreads are from "Sports Action", the only legal betting in Can. Using a...
  12. Arctic Dawgs

    Anyone got any LOCKS ATS ??

    Not too familiar with NCAA football and wanna add 4/5 games to my NFL ATS tickets
  13. Arctic Dawgs

    Week 1 Injury report

    Guess it is time to put something together as a reference for next week: Car : Olsen - left game, hearing he is in a boot, believed serious (Looks like rookie Thomas) Keuchley - knee, hyper-extended Ten : Mariotta - left game, elbow, unknown at present time Walker - Broken leg/ankle, I/R OT...
  14. Arctic Dawgs

    WTF....Isn't this a

    Sports/Football website anymore ???? 1/2 hr before Kickoff on Week 1 and no-one is around posting
  15. Arctic Dawgs

    Who ya got Bets/Tickets on ???

    I got a $5 ticket that pays $125 Bal - 7.5 Cin + 2.5 Jax - 2.5 Cle + 3.5 Car - 2.5 Den - 2.5 also a $16 TO-TO Heres hopin
  16. Arctic Dawgs

    Woo-Hoo Gameday Which games are you watchin/recording for later ??

    For the morning game I will be watchin SF 49ers @ Min (with some Hou/NEP) and Recording Jax @ NYG and in the afternoon I will PVR the Chiefs/Chargers an flip between the Sea/Den and the Car/Dal games. GBP/Bears tonight Woo-Hoo Have a great day all and good luck to all except the players on...
  17. Arctic Dawgs

    LOL Banned from FBG

     Banned You do not have permission to view this site. Warnings 0 Warning Warned by Joe Bryant, 17 minutes ago
  18. Arctic Dawgs

    RIP, Dwight Clark

    Former 49ers great Clark dies of ALS at 61 61, from ALS
  19. Arctic Dawgs

    Hard Knocks going to Lake Erie

    Cleveland Browns Selected as Featured Team for 2018 Season of 'Hard Knocks' should be pretty good
  20. Arctic Dawgs

    2018 Draft (The Cousins Ripple Effect)

    With the Garapollo signing we now have a pretty good idea on what his contract range will be, and what will happen with Rodgers, Wilson, & others heading for the final years of their deals. Also several teams thought to be in the running could very well be priced out of Cousins now due to cap...