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  1. ExperiencedRookie

    My favorite draft so far

    12 teamer. Full PPR. Picking from 1.03. Feel like I crushed it! Zeke Kittle Thielen Jonathon Taylor DK Landry Russ Brieda Preston Williams Chase Edmonds Mecole Hardman Stafford Irv Smith Jr Steelers D Benny Snell Chris Boswell I got exactly who I was hoping for in rounds 3-7. It was crazy how...
  2. ExperiencedRookie

    Dynasty league brag

    Can’t help myself. I’m pretty proud of this team. Just completed this year’s rookie draft. Check this shit out! Kyler Murray Mitch Trubisky Aaron Jones Miles Sanders Leonard Fournette David Montgomery Jonathon Taylor Tevin Coleman DeAndre Hopkins Juju Smith Schuster Calvin Ridley Cooper Kupp...
  3. ExperiencedRookie

    Crushed another draft

    11 years in this league. I consistently come out of the draft loving my team. Have never won the title though. Is this the year? 14 teams. Full PPR. QB-RB-WR-WR-FLEX-TE-K-D I picked 12th. Didn’t seem ideal at the time. Then Zeke fell into my lap. Zeke Tyreek D Freeman Engram Ridley Mack Cam...
  4. ExperiencedRookie

    Michael Thomas dynasty value

    What happens to Michael Thomas' value if/when Brees retires? Is he QB proof? Will it matter if it's Taysom Hill at QB for a year? I have Thomas on a 2 year deal, and it's crazy expensive to keep him around any longer than that. I also don't see any chance of winning a championship this year...
  5. ExperiencedRookie

    Week 5 DFS

    I went really heavy this week with a small group of players mixed across my tournament entries. It sucks that Ben is so expensive, but its really hard not to play him at home against ATL. I have JuJU in every single lineup, sometimes stacked with Ben. I have a Cincy stack with Dalton and...
  6. ExperiencedRookie

    Week 3 DFS

    Going to be a lot of cheap options this week with some of the injury news. I imagine Clement will have high ownership, but for his price he'll be tough to pass up. Same goes for Enron, although he won't come at the same deep discount as Clement. Still, tough not to play the guy with Doyle...
  7. ExperiencedRookie

    ER's picks of the week

    You like free money? Well follow me here then. Week 1 always offers lines that you wont find later in the season as the public catches up with the sharp fans. 1. Carolina has been -3 all week. Such a standard line. Vegas is saying that these 2 teams are equals, and they're simply laying...
  8. ExperiencedRookie

    Proper etiquette for fantasy football and beyond

    Story time, and I'm really hoping everyone weighs in here. I just shared this with my closest FF confidants, and the room was pretty split. I'm a poker player, and every year a FF league sprouts up among my fellow gamblers. This year it was on me to get it going. I set up an ESPN auction at...
  9. ExperiencedRookie

    The value was too good to pass up

    14 team, 14 round, PPR, live in person draft. QB RB WR WR TE FLEX K D I drew the 10th overall pick. For whatever reason, WRs were all the rage. I did this draft without a cheat sheet for the first time ever. I knew players I wanted, so I simply rolled with it. Melvin Gordon Devante Adams...
  10. ExperiencedRookie

    Josh Gordon

    Josh Gordon is looking freakish this summer. Am I alone in thinking that this guy has top 5 potential? Been talking about him on Twitter all week, and it seems most people are doubters. He hasn't had a full training camp in years. The last few times we've seen him, he basically comes in off...
  11. ExperiencedRookie

    Jax WRs

    Can someone please help me sort out the Jax WR situation? One of these guys is going to be a top 30 WR, but I truly have no clue which one. It seems the fantasy community in general has no idea either. The ADP for the Jax WRs shows this. The following data is current ADP for 14 team leagues...
  12. ExperiencedRookie

    How did you do this year?

    9 leagues for me. 2 championships, and a runner up. The runner up was 100% the best team in the league too. Lost Rodgers and Antonio Brown right in clutch time. Should've been a 3rd title. Either way, one of the few years I've ever profited playing FF.
  13. ExperiencedRookie

    Week 2 DFS

    Just did my first lineup of the week. I typically build from the bottom up. What I mean by that is shopping for the best value on the board and then filling in from there. First guy who jumped out at me was Rivers. Sitting at 7k on FD which is near the bottom of the solid QBs. I'm not sure...
  14. ExperiencedRookie

    A top 5 fantasy moment of all time.

    Cool story bro moment, coming right up. I run a 12 team dynasty with a lot of friends, co workers, and a few people I barely know. It's a 3 team division league, and only puts 4 teams in the playoffs. It's highly competitive, with salaries, player contracts, and tons of smack talk. In my...
  15. ExperiencedRookie

    Who am I?

    In 2013-2015 I had a 58.2% catch rate. I averaged 14.6 yards per catch. In 2016 I had a 51.7% catch rate. I averaged 12.2 yards per catch. I also caught 7 less TDs in 2016 than in 2015. Had I average the same rates as the last 3 years of my career, my 151 targets would have made me the WR10...
  16. ExperiencedRookie

    Live long running dynasty startup auction

    What up fellas. I've got a dynasty startup auction that is live right now. All dollars bid on a player become that players salary. I'm looking for some cheapie contracts to fill out the bottom of my roster. Looking for suggestions. So far I have landed Jeremy McNichols and Jake Butt. Who are...
  17. ExperiencedRookie

    Dynasty start up draft

    I just had a seriously gross draft in a 10 team dynasty start up. No PPR Ended up with pick 9 of 10, and it worked out amazing. Somehow both Julio and AJ Green fell to my spot at 1.09. I took Julio, then the guy behind me takes Fournette and Gurley. AJ falls right into my lap at 2.02...
  18. ExperiencedRookie

    Which would you rather have?

    Dynasty setting. 3 year contracts. Would you rather have Leonard Fournette and Chris Godwin Or Dalvin Cook, Samaje Perine, and OJ Howard ? How about Leonard Fournette and Chris Godwin Or Corey Davis, Kareem Hunt, and OJ Howard
  19. ExperiencedRookie

    The way too early dynasty rookie rankings

    Now that the draft is wrapped up, all I can think about is which of these rookies are going to be shaping my dynasty team for years to come. Before I get to my knee jerk reactions (seeing as how I'm writing this as Mr Irrelevent is being announced on ESPN) I'll give a little personal...
  20. ExperiencedRookie


    Name a couple sleepers and busts for their ADP value at every position. QB Bust: Andrew Luck. Still being way over drafted on the back of his 2014 season. Honestly, I don't see a whole lot here to love. The guy is mega talented, but I really don't think his weapons are all that special. He...