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    Just wondering what is up with all the spam threads? All posters seem to have a "female symbol" as their avatar. Some of them don't even make any sense, just jibberish and broken English.
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    Wes Welker Suspended 4 Games Should put added value on the rest of the Broncos WRs and TEs
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    2012 College Pick 'Em Lets get this thing going. All are welcome.
  4. Bubba

    Rams; Bradford reach Deal

    St. Louis Rams ink deal with QB Sam Bradford | | St. Louis, MO Reportedly worth $86 M over six years with a base salary of $78 M and $50 M guaranteed. Well there goes the price of my season tickets.:surrender
  5. Bubba

    Off-line drafts

    Besides Yahoo and Fanball, what other sites are out there that will allow off-line draft results to be added after the draft. and do not allow it.
  6. Bubba

    Does anyone remember this guy?

    I just don't remember the name at all. Police: Fugitive Ex-NFL QB killed in Greece crash
  7. Bubba

    Rams Release Holt

    St. Louis Rams release receiver Torry Holt - NFL - Yahoo! Sports First Pace and now Holt. This leaves Leonard Little as the only remaining member of the '99-'00 Superbowl Championship team.
  8. Bubba

    NFL Great Arrested For Assault

    FOX Sports on MSN - NFL - Vikings great Eller guilty of assaulting cop