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  1. Walter34

    Tyreek in trouble

    Thought it warranted its own thread Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill under investigation for alleged battery 3 yr old with a broken arm, yikes. No idea of the details yet.
  2. Walter34

    Top 5 Next year

    Its very early - day 1 of the off season, but here goes - the top 5 for FF redrafts next year, assuming standard PPr scoring: 1. Barkley - I think the safest option. Explosive for leagues with big play points, younger and less wear and a PPR machine. The only negative is uncertainty in the rest...
  3. Walter34

    Late WRs in redraft

    Preparing for my local redraft on Wed this week. Struggling with who to target in the later rounds as a WR4 or WR5 in the 12-13 round range. I see the following options based on some mocks Golloday - some upside, good pre-season, but lots of competition for targets Sterling Shepard - issue is...
  4. Walter34

    Lael Vs. The Throat

    :cool: Twitter and social media strike again! A more modern version of dine and dash.
  5. Walter34

    '85 Bears discuss '09 Bears

    The '85 Bears believe the 2009 version needed better fundamentals, aggressiveness and cohesion - ESPN Chicago CHICAGO -- Jim McMahon doesn't watch much football -- too long, too boring, he said -- so his annual NFL intake mainly consists of catching highlights. Thus, asking the 2010 McMahon...