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  1. JScott

    Someone please explain this to me

    On Heinekin's TD, he lunges the ball forward and the nose of the ball hits the side of the pylon facing him. Not the inside of the pylon, the front side. Pylons are placed out of bounds. Why is this a TD. How is that breaking the plain? If any piece hits the inside of the pylon, I get it, breaks...
  2. JScott


    Yesterday was our wedding anniversary so we went out for dinner. Missed the entire game. All I see on Twitter this morning about it is that the KC fans booed when the players locked arms. How bad was it? How many were in attendance?
  3. JScott

    Doesn't feel real

    Anyone else feel like the start of this NFL season just doesn't feel real. 🤨
  4. JScott


    Signs with NE
  5. JScott

    MIA trading Drake to ARI

    DJ? Edmonds? Health? Cardinals will have 17 RBs rostered. Now that's an RBBC 😲
  6. JScott

    Refs determine outcome of MNF

    Something needs to happen. The product is becoming the Refs and not the game. The Lions got screwed in that game. The flag when the defender was going for the INT, and the TWO hands to the face penalties which clearly weren't, one of which extended the drive (TD) that I remember. Not sure of the...
  7. JScott

    Eagle fans

    Met Dirk Johnson today. Our daughters are on the same soccer team. Nice guy. Didn't say a thing about being former NFL. Name sounded familiar so I Googled him. Then it made sense why he wanted to rip my Pats baseball hat off my head. 😂
  8. JScott


    Ugly week 1, ugly week 2 so far smh
  9. JScott

    SB menu... whatcha got?

    Watching at home with my family so nothing huge but going with chili, wings and sliders. There are Big horned sheep in our local area but no one sells that meat, so no sacrificial grilling :oops:
  10. JScott


    Chargers are getting completely screwed on this 4th Qtr drive by KCC. Four holding penalties, with 3 resulting in automatica first downs. At least two of them were unbelievable to me. Evan Aikman commented that he didn't see anything. And they bailed out KCC on 3rd and long. One call I can see...