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  1. RZR

    Week 10 - Monday Night Football

    Philadelphia Eagles vs. the Washington Redskins at 8:30pm Can McNabb play more than 58 minutes of this game??
  2. RZR

    Week 10 - Sunday Night Football

    New England Patriots vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers at 8:20pm Brady vs Big Ben.... this should be good! :broken:
  3. RZR

    Week 10 - Afternoon Games

    Kansas City vs. Denver Seattle vs. Arizona Dallas vs. Giants St. Louis vs San Fransisco :thrash:
  4. RZR

    Week 10 - Early Games

    Detroit vs. Buffalo Minnesota vs. Chicago NY Jets vs. Cleveland Cincinnati vs. Indianapolis Houston vs. Jacksonville Tennessee vs. Miami Carolina vs. Tampa Bay Who's gonna get :whip: today?!!?!
  5. RZR

    Thursday Night Football - WK 10

    Joe Flacco and the Ravens take on the Atlanta Falcons at home!
  6. RZR

    Best young QB in the NFL today?

    Franchise Owners: Who is the best young QB in the National Football League right now? Who do you want leading your team? Who are you glad you drafted this summer in the hopes that he'd continue to develop? Matt Ryan Joe Flacco Matt Stafford Mark Sanchez Josh Freeman Sam Bradford...
  7. RZR

    Week 4 Actives/Inactives/GTD

    WR Jordan Shipley, CIN active RB Jahvid Best, DET (turf toe) active vs. Packers WR Louis Murphy, OAK (clavicle) expected to start vs Texans WR Andre Johnson, HOU (active) but expected to be limited... Look for Jacoby Jones to step in RB Steven Jackson, RAMS (groin) active vs...
  8. RZR

    Week 4 Discussions - Monday Night Football

    The Sun :sunshine: Life Stadium hosts the battle between New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphis :pickle:
  9. RZR

    Week 4 Discussions - Sunday Night Football

    Chicago Bears growl at the NY G-Men at 8:20pm in the Meadowlands :xpopcorn:
  10. RZR

    Week 4 Discussions - Afternoon Games

    Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville Houston vs. Oakland Washington vs. Philly Arizona vs. San Diego :banana:
  11. RZR

    Week 4 Discussions - Early Games

    San Francisco vs. Atlanta NY Jets vs. Buffalo Cincinnati vs. Cleveland Detroit vs. Green Bay Carolina vs. New Orleans Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh Seattle vs. St. Louis Denver vs. Tennessee :grin: Some hot match ups here :thrash:
  12. RZR

    Week 3 Discussions - Monday Night Football

    Soldier Field will host the MNF battle at 8:30pm EST between Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears :pickle:
  13. RZR

    Week 3 Discussions - Sunday Night Football

    Facing off in the Sun Life Stadium in Miami, FL at 8:20pm ... NY Jets vs Miami Dolphins :thrash:
  14. RZR

    Week 3 Discussions - Afternoon Games

    Philly vs Jacksonville Washington vs St. Louis Oakland vs Arizona Indy vs Denver San Diego vs Seattle
  15. RZR

    Week 3 Discussions - Early Games

    Steelers vs Buccaneers Cleveland vs Baltimore Cincinnati vs Carolina Dallas vs Houston San Fran vs KC Detroit vs Minny Buffalo vs NE Atlanta vs New Orleans Tennessee vs NY Giants Let the games begin!!
  16. RZR

    Week 2 Discussions - MNF

    New Orleans @ San Francisco - 8:30pm EST
  17. RZR

    Week 2 Discussions - SNF

    NY Giants @ Indianapolis - 8:20pm "The Bro' Bowl"!!
  18. RZR

    Week 2 Discussions - Late Games

    Seattle @ Denver St. Louis @ Oakland Houston @ Washington New England @ Jets Jacksonville @ San Diego
  19. RZR

    Week 2 Discussions - Early Games

    Arizona @ Atlanta Tampa Bay @ Carolina Baltimore @ Cincinnati Kansas City @ Cleveland Chicago @ Dallas Philly @ Detroit Buffalo @ Green Bay Miami @ Minnesota Pittsburgh @ Tennessee
  20. RZR

    Week 2 Inactives/GTD/Questionables

    Vikings WR Percy Harvin (migraines & hip) will play vs Dolphins Cardinals RB Beanie Wells inactive for 2nd straight week due to knee injury against the Falcons