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    Chris Johnson update

    Well if you drafted him Its your own damn fault!!!! Trying to grab and stash him for cheap, If youre a Johnson owner what is he worth to you right now? LMAO offered Boldin and I still feel like Im getting hosed..
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    Any New Yorkers with a feel for who the heck is getting the touches this week?? Havent seen any updates since early in the week, Thanks in advance..
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    week 4 WW

    Heres my 2 cents Ramses Barden if you own Nicks or Cruz you need him on your roster LOL never thought about handcuffing WRs before.. Non NYG WR owners should stay away IMO,, especially Nicks owners with his damn toe. T Choice Jackson or Spiller owners should grab him for week 4 but he...
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    Need 1 P Thomas vs KC Benson @ SEA A Morris vs CIN Standard scoring .5 PPR
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    Sitting Eli (crazy stat)

    Decided to sit Eli and start Alex Smith. With no NIcks, Bradshaw, or Left tackle I figure its safer.. Then I hear a crazy stat the Giants are 6-0 without Hakeem Nicks and 22 - 22 with Hakeem Nicks in the last 50 games. Just thought I would share that random stat.... LAFELL WILL BE HUGE TONIGHT!!!!!
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    WSIS RG3 or Stafford

    With Staffords 3 picks and RG3s performance in week 1 Im thinking about putting in the Rookie against STL, Stafford going against 49ers defense... Thoughts anybody..?? scoring 25 pass yards 1 pt 10 rush 1 pt passing td 4 rushing td 6
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    trade offered

    Roddy White for Ryan Matthews.. Matthews was my keeper from last year equivelant to my 5th round pick he drafted White in the 3rd. Heres my Roster ( this was the draft I was unable to attend) QB ELi Manning WR Nicks WR Wallace RB P Thomas RB R Brown TE Pettigrew flex Blackmon Bench...
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    Redskins secondary

    Washington is down both starting safeties start ALL your saints WRs and of course Mr. Graham..IMO
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    Jamaal Charles Sit or start

    The running game in KC is about as predictable as Ogletree... What are your stat predictions for week 1.. Worried about Hillis stealing all the goal line work but Charles between the 20s is dangerous... The Rbs on my bench are pretty much in the same boat all a BIG ??? as far as week one...
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    If you need a spot start for the week due to whatever nonsense heres who I think COULD blow up week 1 based on time and matchup... QB Russell Wilson yeah i know it was preseason but I know hes on the WW and hell get 20+ points week 1......write that down!! RB Kevin Smith DET RB the...
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    KC Rbs

    Looking for some inside info in to the running situation down in KC. Scared to pull the trigger on Charles until I see how Hillis shakes out any thoughts as to where you would draft Charles. I think hes going to go alot higher than I would feel comfortable with, Thoughts???? :confused:
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    Broncos at Bears

    Pretty uneventful game as far as star power due to terrible weather and field conditions. No Jay Cutler, Forte, Urlacher, Peppers, Hester just to name a few. What I did see is that Carimi looks outstanding and the DEs and LBs are deeper than I thought with young talent. Jefferey was a nice...
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    Need 2 RBs

    Murray vs. NYG Greene vs. KC Blount @ JAC Spiller @ SD Need 2 from above standard scoring 0.5 PPR.. Thanks in advance!!!
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    WSIS flex

    Standard scoring 0.5 PPR. Greene vs. BUFF Blount @ TENN CJ Spiller @ NYJ Need 1 was leaning Greene based on matchup, but Blount looked pretty good last week and he definitely has the higher ceiling. Spiller Ive been waiting to see what he could do with a full load to bad its against the...
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    Lineup advice

    Crazy Bye week!! and 2 of my supposed starters are going against my BEARS. need some outside input. Standard scoring 0.5 PPR QB Romo WR White Nicks RB CJ yeah I know but Fosters on a bye Matthews @ BEARS thinking about sitting him TE Gates @ BEARS should be gold but could be shut...
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    Matt Ryan vs. Tenn or Ryan Fitzpatrick @ MIA. Ryan is on his way up and Fitz is on his way down but with the better matchup. Who would you start standard scoring. :popcorn:
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    Week 10 lineup

    Need some help. With the Nicks issue, if he goes should I start him or go with Cruz?? And who the heck should I start at flex????? Im actually thinking Tate..:embarrassed: QB ROMO VS BUF :nod: WR R WHITE VS NO WR H NICKS @ SF ????? :confused: RB FOSTER VS TB :nod: RB R MATTHEWS 7.2...
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    Earl Doucet

    Is he useless now with John Skelton under center??? Was loving the matchup vs. STL with Megatron on a bye!
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    Week 9 Flex

    Standard scoring 0.5 PPR... With Matthews out do I have to start frickin CJ this week ...PLEASE tell me NO!!! my options are listed below S. Rice @ DAL Has been putting up solid numbers no Jenkins J Ballard @ NE already have Cruz going and Nicks on the bench B Tate vs. CLE I have Foster...
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    Quick poll QB week 8

    Tebow vs. DET Fitzpatrick vs. Washington Think its going to be close but which one would you start? Standard scoring 4 for pass TD 6 for rush TD