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  1. eaglechick

    hey eagles fans

    feeling a little down? just take this stroll down memory lane. it's sure to cheer you up :) Eagles/Cowboys Game 44-6 - YouTube
  2. eaglechick

    kolb to the cardinals--it's official!

    Eagles Trade Kevin Kolb To Cardinals For Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie And A Second Round Pick - Bleeding Green Nation
  3. eaglechick

    Sue the Owners!!!

    NFL housing plan: Owners get the keys, fans get the bills - The Washington Post
  4. eaglechick

    Eagles fire McDermott news: Eagles fire DC McDermott, who could land in Denver, Carolina i think this is a good move, but i hope they find someone decent to take over :nod:
  5. eaglechick

    Google Suggests NFC East QBs Are "Gay" & "Overrated"

    Google Suggests NFC East QBs Are "Gay" & "Overrated" - Bleeding Green Nation :biglaugh:
  6. eaglechick

    Kolb wants to start or wants out

    Kolb wants to start or wants out | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/09/2011
  7. eaglechick

    week 16: mccoy or mcfadden

    so in the pirates league i'm in the final versus none other than orgazmo :) it's standard ppr league scoring. i need to steal a player from my last opponents roster, and i'm deciding between these two. who will be better in week 16? mccoy vs. minny or mcfadden vs. indy? :hmmm:
  8. eaglechick

    Broncos, McDaniels fined for videotaping incident

    did someone else post this already? :wow: news: Taping 49ers' practice draws $50K fines for Broncos, McDaniels
  9. eaglechick

    who to bench?

    ppr league, must win situation :grin: i need 5: l.mccoy (vs. nyg) l.tomlinson (vs. Hou) a.johnson (vs. nyj) a.boldin (vs. car) s.johnson (vs. cin) m.manningham (vs. phi) hate to say it, but i am leaning towards benching mccoy vs. nyg. any other thoughts?
  10. eaglechick

    pirate advice

    in my pirate league (see if you don't know what i'm talking about) i'm going to take michael turner as my victory spoils. which RB should i give up? b.jackson or blount? (also have r.bush) been debating with myself all day dunno:
  11. eaglechick

    How do we stack up?

    check this out! Fantasy Football Advisor ? Your one-stop shop for Fantasy Football website reviews! ffadvisor is comparing the rankings of various (free) FF sites, and we've just been added to the mix. we scored 2nd in the QB predictions this week...
  12. eaglechick

    Michael Vick!!!

    :wow: i know there won't be a QB controversy in philly, but it sure was fun watching the second half of the game yesterday! i hope kolb is ok, and i'm still hoping that all you kolb-lovers know what you're talking about with him, but at least we have a good backup! lol
  13. eaglechick

    Donovan McNabb Thanks Philly Fans

    Donovan McNabb: 'I'd Like To Thank The Ungrateful, Over-Expecting,Oftentimes-Racist Fans Of Philadelphia' | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
  14. eaglechick

    Westbrook cleared to play after 2 concussions

    Westbrook cleared to play after 2 concussions - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
  15. eaglechick

    why didn't they review the fumble?

    someone else thinks they shoulda done a booth review of warner's fumble Officiating dictates Super Bowl XLIII to the unreviewed end - Shutdown Corn... - NFL - Yahoo! Sports